My YU Story

Meredith Shapiro

Meredith's Story

Hometown:  Skokie, IL Chicago
Major:  BIMA

"YU has that family environment, where everyone from the professors and your fellow students to the staff have your back."

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Isaac Mirwis

Isaac's Story

Hometown:  Houston, TX
Major:  Finance at Sy Syms

“I was grateful for the flexibility to try different study programs until I found my niche."

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Gabriella Ben-Hutta

Gabriella's Story

Hometown:  Grew up in Ramat Gan, Israel, Moved to UES, NY
Major:  Biology, Pre-Med

"One of the things that makes YU so special is the professors...I always liked Biology, and now I love it."

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Michael Klein


Michael's Story

Hometown: UWS, Manhattan
Major:  Finance with a minor in Management

“YU wasn’t just the best place for me, it was the ONLY place for me."

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Ayelet Schechter


Ayelet's Story

Hometown:  Monsey, NY 
Major:  Psychology & Studio Art

"When it comes to the benefits of a YU education, I could go on and on. The environment here is so positive, I really never considered attending college anywhere else."

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