Talya's Story


When I was deciding between staying in Canada for university or studying abroad, I realized that I wanted more than 4 years of school, I wanted an experience.

Yeshiva University offers a tremendous amount of room to find your own path, while being part of a supportive community. I enjoy giving tours for the Admissions Office, working with Israeli start-up companies through Tamid, and volunteering with high school students in YUNMUN (Yeshiva University National Model United Nations).

The Judaic Studies professors and coursework have had a profound impact on my life. The curriculum allows you to pick the level that will provide the appropriate challenge. It’s a privilege to be exposed to many different Jewish topics at one time. Socially, YU has been wonderful. Taking part in student council and activity planning has introduced me to my best friends. It’s about sharing joint passions and coming together for a common goal.

I’m grateful to YU for all the scholarships and opportunities I’ve been given, and I want to give back by creating opportunities for others. After college, I hope to pursue informal education, industrial psychology and human resources. I credit my growth in Judaism to summer programs and camps I’ve been a part of, and I want to give that back to the next generation.