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Prism 2018

Building Tomorrow, Today

Education changes lives. And a Yeshiva University education is unique, offering both the highest quality Jewish and secular education of any university in the world. Fusing Jewish tradition with Western thought, it provides its students with the values, skills and resources to make a real difference. 

That’s why we’re so committed to making the YU experience available to every deserving student. We don’t want a single one to miss the life-changing opportunity our university affords as a result of financial need. For us, it’s both a privilege and a responsibility. 

Whether you support a particular school, contribute to undergraduate scholarships, fund a capital campaign or allow us to direct your generosity to the area of greatest need, we appreciate each and every gift.

To learn more about our initiatives, please contact Daniel I. Abraham at or 646.592.4510. 

Supporting YU

Ways To Give
There are many ways of making a donation to support YU. Ways To Give

There are many ways of making a donation to support YU, and our donations can be targeted to specific program or schools or be used for general support, such as for student scholarships.

Donor Gratitude

Meet Our Donors
Meet Our Donors Dr. Lewis Rubin

Find out why Lewis Rubin and so many others have dedicated themselves to the preservation of YU’s mission in the world.

Scholarship Impact

Helping Students Do Their Best
85% of YU Students Received Scholarships Students Say Thank You

YU promises that no qualified students will be turned away for financial reasons and disburses over $40 million a year to keep that promise.