Mira's Story


I chose YU for the same reason I left home for high school―because I wanted to keep Jewish learning a priority, despite the fact that there was no religious secondary school in my town. YU has a reputation for strong academics, particularly in the sciences. I knew from my brother’s experience that the YU degree means something. After YU, he completed a master’s degree program at Columbia University and now works in computer security.

Dr. Alan Broder, Computer Science department chair, is a profoundly dedicated instructor. After taking his intro class, I knew I had found my major. He has a way of taking obscure concepts and making them clear. Even though the curriculum is rigorous, he motivates you to push yourself harder.

Campus life has really been a highlight. Stern College for Women has an incredible, home-like atmosphere. The housing department strives to create a fun and positive campus living environment. I will never forget the passion and ruach of Stern’s Chanukah chagigas and Yom Haatzmaut celebrations.

Graduating in January has been bittersweet. I’m excited for the next phase of my life: I accepted a position with Woodbridge Financial systems in IT― a job I found through YU’s Career Fair last September. But it is still sad to leave my YU family. I’ve grown so much here: religiously, academically and socially. My best friends are the ones I’ve made while at YU. These are friendships for a lifetime.