Rachel's Story


I knew walking into ninth grade that I wanted to go to Yeshiva University. YU is the only institution that offers serious Torah learning after high school as well as a top-notch secular education.

As a YU ambassador, I often have the opportunity to speak to high school students about the advantages of YU. One thing I like to tell them is that YU doesn’t end in June. There are so many summer opportunities as well. This past year I had the privilege of doing Counterpoint Israel, which is a program that brings YU students to teach English in underserved Israeli communities in Dimona, Arad and Kiryat Malakhi. It was incredible to see kids who were so shy at the beginning of camp, speaking English with confidence after only three weeks.

I have always loved working with children. The education department at YU is really strong. Our professors, Drs. Miriam Hirsch and Emily Witty are masters in their fields. They have experience, such a breath of knowledge...and their passion is so inspiring. Part of the program includes field study in New York area schools.

Last spring I spent three hours each week observing a first grade classroom. By the end of the semester, I had spent 36 hours seeing the theoretical become real. I love watching literacy come alive in young kids. Seeing a diversity of approaches in both public school classes and is so valuable. It is incredible to see educational philosophy in action.

There are so many opportunities at YU. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.