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Azrieli Admissions




Azrieli welcomes applications year-round for our Master's Programs.
We are accepting applications for the Fall 2024 Doctoral Program.   

By applying to the Azrieli, you'll take your first step toward influencing Jewish youth and learning the skills to be an effective Jewish educator and administrator.

MS Programs Admission Information

Admission to the MS program is determined by the quality of the entire application. To apply, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. A bachelor's degree or equivalent from an accredited college or university
  2. Advanced background in Jewish studies
  3. Competence in Hebrew
  4. Educational Psychology and Jewish Learning is a Pre-requisite for the Master’s program that can be taken through Azrieli either before enrollment or during the first semester in the program. Students may opt out of this requirement with any Intro to Psychology fulfillment from an accredited university.

Fall semester                     July 15
Spring semester                December 15
Summer semester             April 15

* Applications are accepted on a rolling basis
* We cannot guarantee that your application will be processed if submitted past the above deadlines.   
* For exceptions, please contact the Azrieli Administrative Office

Applicants must complete an Azrieli master's application online, which includes a $50 fee by credit card. As part of the application, the following will need to be uploaded to the application:

  • Unofficial undergraduate transcript
  • Official undergraduate transcript
  • A 3-5 page personal statement about one's goals regarding teaching, and how they intend to use their degree from Azrieli
  • Two letters of recommendation. Please have this form filled out, in addition to the letters: Request for Letter of Recommendation (this form can also be sent as a part of the application)
  • A JPEG photo of yourself sent to for our file

Please note: applicants from any Yeshiva University undergraduate schools need not send official transcripts.

Incomplete applications will not be processed.

After most application materials are submitted, we will contact you about setting up 2 interviews with Azrieli faculty members, after which we will make our official decision. Upon approval, we will mail the student a letter of acceptance to the master's program.

After being accepted to Azrieli, applicants will be required to pay a $50 deposit to hold their place in the program. Once that deposit is paid, the student will be able to register for classes.


Applicants with an undergraduate degree from a nontraditional four-year institution, e.g., an online school, seminary, foreign school, etc., may also be required to take the verbal and analytical writing portions of the GRE or a similar standardized test, e.g., MAT (Miller Analogy), PRAXIS, NYSTCE.

If English is not your primary language, we require that you take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). Yeshiva University requires a minimum score of 82 on the Internet-based TOEFL, or at least a 220 on the computer-based TOEFL, to be submitted to YU directly by the testing service (code 2990). For information on the TOEFL, visit

Pathways BA/MS Admission Information

Before applying to a Pathways program, contact the Pathways Coordinator at to express your interest and learn more about program requirements, coursework, and the application process. The Pathways Coordinator will also connect you with the graduate program director. Once you are ready to apply, follow the directions below.

Application Link: 

NOTE: NOTE: If you are a YU undergraduate, you already have an account. Try the “Forgot your password?” button to access that account. You can also create a new account. If you create a new account and your email address is already in our system, then you’ll be brought to a screen with two options: 

  1. You can click “I signed up previously. Please let me sign into my account.” This brings you back to the home screen, where you can click “Forgot your password?” and reset your password. 
  2. Or you can click “I have never signed up here before, please create a new account.” This will let you create a new account.     

Application Instructions:  

For those logging into an existing account:  

  1. Log into your account.   
  2. From the “My Account” page, click “Start a New Application.” You may see applications from previous years. You can ignore them.  
  3. Click “Start an Application.” 
  4. Under “Academic College,” choose the YU grad school to which you are applying (Azrieli).  
  5. A box will appear to choose your “Academic Program.” For YU undergraduates applying to the BA/MS program, choose Jewish Education (BA/MS) – for YU Undergraduates.  
  6. Then let us know if you are currently enrolled in another YU graduate school (e.g. RIETS, Revel, etc.). 
  7. Select your term and click “Submit” to begin your application. 

For those creating a new account:  

  1. Create your new account and login. 
  2. Once you login, you’ll be prompted to choose your “Academic College,” which is the YU grad school to which you are applying (Azrieli). 
  3. A box will appear to choose your “Academic Program.” For YU undergraduates applying to the BA/MS program, choose Jewish Education (BA/MS) – for YU Undergraduates. 
  4. Then let us know if you are currently enrolled in another YU graduate school (e.g. RIETS, Revel, etc.). 
  5. Select your term and click “Submit” to begin your application.  

EdD Program Admission Information

  • A master's degree in Jewish education or equivalent from an accredited college or university
  • A background in Jewish studies
  • At least two years of teaching experience in an accredited school
  • Competence in Hebrew

Applications for Fall 2024  are now being accepted. 

The application process is online and can be started and continued at any time. 

Application Checklist:

- Basic information
- Personal statement
- Transcripts from undergrad and previous degree programs
- Two letters of recommendation
- Two interviews with Azrieli faculty

Tuition, Fees and Financing Your Education

2024-2025 Academic Year (Summer 2024, Fall 2024, Spring 2025) 
Tuition and fees are set on an annual basis and are subject to change.

All Azrieli students are eligible for internal scholarships with submission of an Azrieli Scholarship Application. All students admitted to the program, in good academic standing, and who submit an Azrieli Scholarship Application, are eligible for generous support.

We encourage all applicants to submit a Scholarship Application to Marian Reiss, Azrieli's Academic Administrator.

Please check the Graduate Student Financial Aid and Tuition Website for more information.


Master’s program = 36 credits + 1 credit charge for Portfolio 
(including PEP student teaching)

Doctoral program = 51 credits
+ dissertation

$1,269 per credit    

Registration fee

$ 65 per semester

Graduate student & technology fee

$300 per semester

Health Insurance

Yeshiva University requires that all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled for 6 credits or more have health insurance. For more information about these requirements, fees and waivers, go to YU Health and Wellness

$To Be Updated per semester for annual enrollment 

Other Fees

Late registration fee


Audit Fee

0.5 credit per course

Mandatory Final MS project;
(course is billed as 1 credit) 

$1,269 per semester

Doctoral Seminar II 
Dissertation writing; 0 credits

$1,903.50 per semester

Graduation Fee


Health Insurance Information  

Yeshiva University requires that all students enrolled in 6 credits or more have health insurance.

All students, who are required to have health insurance through Yeshiva University are charged the Health Insurance fees automatically each Fall and Spring semester. 

Students in Online Degree Programs are exempt from/ineligible for the Yeshiva University Student Health Insurance Plan.

A health insurance Waiver can be filed if the student has their own health insurance coverage.

For information about Yeshiva University's health insurance requirements and eligibility or to submit a waiver, please refer to the YU Health and Wellness.

Scholarships, Fellowships, and Loans

Azrieli scholarships are available to many of our students.
Applicants who submit an Azrieli Scholarship Application can find out their eligibility.

Additional Funding Sources may be available through programs funded by outside groups, such as

  • synagogues
  • employers
  • community centers
  • labor unions
  • women's organizations
  • fraternal and civic organizations

·      Students are encouraged to research possible external sources of funding for their education.

·      Mid-Career Fellowship Program

A program that provides additional funding for those who meet the following criteria and can be combined with other Azrieli scholarships:

  • Must be 5 years post undergraduate;
  • Have a minimum 3 years experience working in Jewish communal or educational settings
  • Currently working at a Jewish Institution in the United States for a minimum of 15 hours per week. 

Loans and Grants and Additional Resources

The Office of Student Finance provides additional information about Graduate School Financial Aid.

Website:  Office of Student Finance
Tel:          646-592-6260

Ask Azrieli - Questions and More Information
You can also contact the Azrieli Administrative Office at 646-592-6350.



The BA/MS Program allows students to begin graduate studies while completing their bachelor’s degrees. However, students need to be in the final year of their undergraduate studies to qualify for the program. Hang in there for one more year.

GREs or other standardized achievement tests may be required at the discretion of the dean or the director of the master's program.

If after being admitted, you decide to defer the start of the Azrieli program, you must notify such intent via e-mail to

Azrieli programs do not lead to New York State certification at this time.

Our graduate master's program is a registered and approved New York State Master's Program.  


Azrieli master's graduates may qualify for the teudat hora-ah, teacher certification, from the Israeli Ministry of Education.

General Information

Yeshiva University is committed to a policy of equal opportunity and nondiscrimination in admission and other facets of its educational programs and activities. The University encourages applications from qualified students of diverse backgrounds without regard to sex, religion, age, race, sexual preference, handicap, color, or national origin, within the meaning of applicable law.

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