Amir Braun


Amir Braun
Junior, Class of 2021 Marketing & Management Major
Chicago,Skokie, IL

I came to Yeshiva University because I knew I wanted to grow. When you’ve lived in one town for 18 years, you form a certain viewpoint, and I knew it was time for me to step out of my comfort zone.

YU has an amazing community where you can meet people from all different types of Jewish backgrounds and upbringings. I’ve come to appreciate and respect many opinions and perspectives. YU’s a great place to grow in your Judaism, while getting a good academic education, and alumni have a reputation for getting top-notch jobs after they graduate.

Right now I am leaning toward a career in business and marketing. I am interning in YU's Marketing and Communications Department and am a member of both the Networking Club and Blockchain Society (an intercollegiate networking organization). I’ve really enjoyed learning about the business world.

I’m impressed by how much YU students value their Judaism. Chagim such as Chanukah, where students, staff, professors, and rabbis all gather to light candles and sing songs, demonstrate the unity of the YU community.

Professors and rabbis also have had a profound influence on me. Prof. David Puretz’s first year writing seminar showed me how to develop my own writing style and to appreciate a variety of different approaches to writing. Rabbi Abraham Sarfaty, with whom I study every morning in shiur, creates an intimate learning atmosphere where you feel comfortable asking questions. He wants to create a relationship with his students and get to know you. It’s a great feeling.