Yael Eisenberg

Yael's Story

Hometown:  Passaic, NJ
Major: Mathematics

Thanks to YU’s joint BA/MA program, I will graduate with a master’s degree in Mathematics as well as a bachelor’s. "

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Alyssa Wruble

Alyssa's Story

Hometown:  Memphis, TN
Major: Political Economics

YU allows you to take control of your education and individualize your college experience."

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Yardena Katz

Yardena's Story

Hometown:  Toronto, Canada
Major: Biology with a minor in Political Science

I love the diplomacy, public speaking and sense of community at the YUNMUN conference.Yardena Katz Secretary General, YUNMUN XXVIII"

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Jasmine Naim

Jasmine's Story

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA
Major: Mathematics

“So You Think Stern Can Dance” was one of the activities I was most excited to get involved in at YU. It’s completely  student-run, for women, by women."

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Raffi Wiesen

Raffi's Story

Hometown:  Teaneck, NJ
Major: Psychology

I am currently president of the YU IDF Veterans Club, which works with returning Israeli soldiers, providing them with connections and a support group. ”

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Steven Kohane

Steven's Story

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Chemistry

I chose YU because I wanted a serious Jewish atmosphere as well as a challenging academic one. I found them both at YU.”

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Kinneret Braun

Kinneret's Story

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major: Pre-Nursing

I chose YU because I wanted a university where I could stand out, and where I didn’t have to compromise my Jewish ideals.”

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Sarah Torgueman

Sarah's Story

Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY
Major:  Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics

Though I live at home, I love that I am able to attend college in Manhattan. Shabbat on campus is both fun and inspirational.”

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Isaac Shulman

Isaac's Story

Hometown:  Englewood, NJ
Major:  Mathematics and Philosophy

“YU’s Career Center and alumni network have been invaluable in securing my Goldman Sachs internship.”

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Aryeh Rubin

 Aryeh's Story

Hometown: Skokie, IL
Major:  Finance

"I chose YU because I knew it would give me the best balance between a competitive business school atmosphere, Torah learning and outstanding extracurricular activities."

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Masha Shollar

Masha's Story

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA
Major: English

"Hi. I’m Masha Shollar. I’m an English Major with a focus on Creative Writing and am originally from Pittsburgh, PA."

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Michael Kohan

Michael's Story

Hometown:  Santa Monica, CA
Major: Economics

"When I started college applications, I knew Yeshiva University was where I wanted to be."

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Joey Senders

 Joey's Story

Hometown:  Cleveland, OH
Major: Economics and Pre-Med

"Being at YU and in New York offers me so many experiences that I never had before."

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Dafna's Story

Dafna's Story

Hometown:  West Rogers Park, Illinois
Major: Computer Science

"It’s such a nice feeling to be in an environment that supports my values and what I believe in."

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