Sarah Torgueman

Sarah's Story

Hometown:  Brooklyn, NY
Major:  Finance & Business Intelligence and Marketing Analytics

“Though I live at home, I love that I have opportunity to study in Manhattan. Shabbat on campus is both fun and inspirational.”

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Talia Kupferman

Talia's Story

Hometown:  Riverdale, NY
Major: Biology

"At Yeshiva University, you get an experience like no other...It’s the perfect transition from yeshiva high school or an Israel program."

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Benji Snow

Benji Snow

Hometown:  Minneapolis, MN
Major:  Marketing Major

"As a Marketing major, I received a strong foundation in business theory, which was helpful when I took a marketing internship at AKRF, an environmental engineering firm."

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Rebecca Gordon

Hometown:  West Hempstead, NY.
Major:  Biology

"Selecting Yeshiva University for college was an easy decision. Stern College offered me opportunities to enhance my religious growth, while not compromising my education in the least."

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Jeffrey Owen

Hometown: Seattle, Washington
Major: Strategy & Entrepreneurship Minor: Finance

"To high school juniors and seniors applying to college, I’d like to remind you how amazing it is to be exposed to the entire Jewish religious spectrum here."

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Amir Braun

Hometown: Skokie, IL
Major: Marketing & Management

"I’m impressed by how much YU students value their Judaism. Chagim such as Chanukah, where students, staff, professors, and rabbis all gather to light candles and sing songs, demonstrate the unity of the YU community."

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Talya's Story

Hometown:  Toronto, Canada
Major: Psychology Major with Business Minor

"When I was deciding between staying in Canada for university or studying abroad, I realized that I wanted more than 4 years of school, I wanted an experience."

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Michael's Story

Hometown: UWS, Manhattan
Major: Finance with a minor in Management

"YU wasn’t just the best place for me, it was the ONLY place for me."

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Bella Adler

Bella's Story

Hometown:  St. Louis, MO
Major: Jewish Studies with a concentration in Jewish Education

"The professors at YU are passionate about what they teach, and their love of their respective subject matter is contagious."

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Ilan Atri

Ilan's Story

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA
Major: Marketing

"I came to Yeshiva University because I wanted a solid education without limits."

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Meredith Shapiro

Meredith's Story

Hometown:  Skokie, IL Chicago
Major: BIMA

“YU has that family environment, where everyone from the professors and your fellow students to the staff have your back."

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Sarah Brill

Sarah's Story

Hometown:  Denver, CO
Major: Biology

"YU has such a tight-knit and welcoming community...It is wonderful to go to a university where the students are highly motivated but not competitive against one another."

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Maxwel Brasch

Maxwel's Story

Hometown:  Skokie, IL
Major: Finance and BIMA

“Coming to Yeshiva University was an easy choice. .. What I didn’t imagine was how the school would change me."

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Mira Shere

Mira's Story

Hometown:  Indianapolis, IN
Major: Computer Science

“I’ve grown so much here: religiously, academically and socially. My best friends are the ones I’ve made while at YU."

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Jake Benyowitz

Jake's Story

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA
Major: Political Science

“Attending college in a place where the community shares my values and support of Israel is irreplaceable."

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Rachel Silvera

Rachel's Story

Hometown:  Woodmere, NY
Major: Education (Elementary School track)

“The education department at YU is really strong. They have experience, such a breath of knowledge...and their passion is so inspiring."

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Isaac Mirwis

Isaac's Story

Hometown:  Houston, TX
Major: Finance at Sy Syms

“I was grateful for the flexibility to try different study programs until I found my niche."

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Ayelet Schechter

Ayelet's Story

Hometown:  Monsey, NY or New Hempstead
Major: Psychology & Studio Art

“When it comes to the benefits of a YU education, I could go on and on. The environment here is so positive, I really never considered attending college anywhere else."

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Alex Kalb

Alex's Story

Hometown:  New Rochelle, NY
Major: Finance with minor in Management

“I knew I wanted to attend a university where I could get a good academic foundation while engaging in serious Torah learning. No other nationally ranked university has this type of intense Jewish learning woven seamlessly into students’ daily schedules."

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Yael Eisenberg

Yael's Story

Hometown:  Passaic, NJ
Major: Mathematics

Thanks to YU’s joint BA/MA program, I will graduate with a master’s degree in Mathematics as well as a bachelor’s. "

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Alyssa Wruble

Alyssa's Story

Hometown:  Memphis, TN
Major: Political Economics

YU allows you to take control of your education and individualize your college experience."

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Yardena Katz

Yardena's Story

Hometown:  Toronto, Canada
Major: Biology with a minor in Political Science

I love the diplomacy, public speaking and sense of community at the YUNMUN conference.Yardena Katz Secretary General, YUNMUN XXVIII"

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Jasmine Naim

Jasmine's Story

Hometown:  Los Angeles, CA
Major: Mathematics

“So You Think Stern Can Dance” was one of the activities I was most excited to get involved in at YU. It’s completely  student-run, for women, by women."

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Raffi Wiesen

Raffi's Story

Hometown:  Teaneck, NJ
Major: Psychology

I am currently president of the YU IDF Veterans Club, which works with returning Israeli soldiers, providing them with connections and a support group. ”

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Steven Kohane

Steven's Story

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA
Major: Chemistry

I chose YU because I wanted a serious Jewish atmosphere as well as a challenging academic one. I found them both at YU.”

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Kinneret Braun

Kinneret's Story

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
Major: Pre-Nursing

I chose YU because I wanted a university where I could stand out, and where I didn’t have to compromise my Jewish ideals.”

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Isaac Shulman

Isaac's Story

Hometown:  Englewood, NJ
Major:  Mathematics and Philosophy

“YU’s Career Center and alumni network have been invaluable in securing my Goldman Sachs internship.”

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Aryeh Rubin

 Aryeh's Story

Hometown: Skokie, IL
Major:  Finance

"I chose YU because I knew it would give me the best balance between a competitive business school atmosphere, Torah learning and outstanding extracurricular activities."

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Masha Shollar

Masha's Story

Hometown:  Pittsburgh, PA
Major: English

"Hi. I’m Masha Shollar. I’m an English Major with a focus on Creative Writing and am originally from Pittsburgh, PA."

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Joey Senders

 Joey's Story

Hometown:  Cleveland, OH
Major: Economics and Pre-Med

"Being at YU and in New York offers me so many experiences that I never had before."

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