Meredith's Story

Meredith Shapiro


Before YU, I had a very clear plan: 1) Spend gap year in Israel; 2) Study archeology; 3) Make aliyah. It was a great plan, but life has a way of changing your mind. First, after studying in Israel, I decided to change my career focus to tech. Then, while completing my degree at YU, a Microsoft recruiter contacted me about a job after graduation. I never dreamed I’d delay aliyah, but this was the opportunity of a lifetime. When the offer came, I couldn’t turn it down!

Let me take a step back. I learned about YU, in part, through Torah Tours, which is a program where small teams of YU students visit communities across the world on Simchat Torah and Shavuot. They teach Torah classes, lead singing and dancing and meet with synagogue youth to infuse yom tov with fun.

I remember thinking I wanted to attend YU just to have the opportunity to do Torah Tours myself. I also chose YU because I didn’t want my being Shomer Shabbat to impinge upon my college experience.

Now I live in Seattle, and working at Microsoft is a dream come true. I have to credit both my contact at the career center and my work-study colleagues for helping me secure the position. The recruiter initially contacted me through LinkedIn, and I wasn’t sure if it was a legitimate inquiry. My liaison at the career center did some research and found out that the job was very real, but also highly competitive. YU gave me so much support. My work-study managers even helped prepare me for the interviews. YU has that family environment, where everyone from the professors and your fellow students to the staff have your back.