Maxwel's Story


Coming to Yeshiva University was an easy choice. My brother was Pre-Med here, and I had friends who had already decided on YU. What I didn’t imagine was how the school would change me. The dual curriculum means I have twice as many classes as friends at other schools, and I really appreciate how it has forced me to learn time management skills.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s helped me personally get my act together.

I was accepted into the Business Honors and Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at the Sy Syms School of Business and decided to major in both Finance and Business Intelligence & Marketing Analytics (BIMA). I love the academics at YU. “Business as a Human Enterprise” with Professor Moses Pava has opened my eyes. As important as the economic fundamentals are, learning business leadership, responsibility and decision making are essential to our success and roles as Jews in modern society.

The Jewish studies curriculum is also incredible. The Chabura Program allows us to pick different topics to explore each day with a rabbi who is invested in our spiritual, as well as our personal, development. The other week, Rabbi Zev Goldberg took our shiur to a restaurant (The Brat Factory on the Upper West Side) just to bond and talk about our lives. Rav Hayyim Angel brings in many diverse sources, both ancient and contemporary, that I’ve never encountered before. It paints Tanakh in a whole new light. It’s one more reason why I know choosing YU was the right decision.