The S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program (SDAIP) is an educational partnership between Yeshiva University and more than 45 yeshivot and seminaries in Israel. For the more than 600 young men and women each year who choose to begin their Yeshiva University education with a year of Torah study in Israel, the program provides structure, support, guidance and programming during their first year as members of the YU family.

Students enrolled in the Yeshiva University Israel Program are considered YU undergraduate students and are eligible for all applicable state and federal financial aid programs. The program is headquartered at the dedicated Student Center at Yeshiva University's Israel Campus in the Bayit Vegan neighborhood of Jerusalem.

Most Yeshiva University undergraduates find a year of study in Israel to be an invaluable and enriching experience, academically and spiritually. By incorporating study at Israeli yeshivot, seminaries or universities that are formal partners with SDAIP into their overall college experience, students dramatically enhance their future academic experience. Learning with Israel's leading educators, students engage in intense study of Jewish subjects including Talmud, Bible, Jewish law, Jewish thought, philosophy, Zionism and Jewish history. The Israel experience increases proficiency in oral and written Hebrew and enables students to learn firsthand about Israel's land, people, history and culture.

Collaborations Throughout Israel
The S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program team works closely with the staff of all partner yeshivot and seminaries. In order to ensure continuing excellence of the overall education provided, YU has designed and conducts an assessment process that allows the schools to explore and build on their strengths while at the same time identifying areas for enhancement, thereby assuring that Israel Program students are receiving the highest quality education on an ongoing basis.

Supporting Our Students
The program maintains a professionally staffed office in Israel to assist all program participants. YU's Israel representatives visit partner yeshivot and seminaries regularly and offer academic guidance, career planning and personal counseling. In addition, the program sponsors lectures and activities where students can gather under the auspices of Yeshiva University, as well as a guidance center to provide support to help ease the occasionally challenging adjustment to life and study in Israel.

Yeshiva University also sponsors major events for American students in Israel, such as concerts, Melava Malkas, honors events, an annual Inter-Seminary Choir Competition, art and photo competitions, and an annual career fair in addition to publishing weekly D'var Torah newsletters.

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