Jake's Story


Yeshiva University is the only US university where the Israeli flag flies 365 days a year. That says a lot about the values of the YU community—students, professors and the administration. I originally came to YU because I wanted a place where I could get a rigorous education, without having to contend with classes or exams on Chaggim. I came to see that the Jewish environment meant so much more to me. Attending college in a place where the community shares my values and support of Israel is irreplaceable.

Last year, I joined YUPAC (Yeshiva University Public Action Committee) and now I serve as one of the club’s co-presidents. It’s exciting to see how much we’ve grown the club’s reach. So far we have had an Israel advocacy Shabbaton and took 100 students (both from YU and other area colleges) to Washington D.C. to lobby on Israel’s behalf.

I’m a big fan of YU’s political science department. Last semester, I took a class on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict from Danny Ayalon, the former Israeli ambassador to the United States. This semester I’m taking an American politics class with Senator Joseph Lieberman, the Shomer Shabbat, former vice presidential candidate. Where else can you do that?

I’m so grateful to YU for helping me pursue my passion for Israel advocacy. The school really helps you bring your ideas to fruition.