Ayelet's Story


My YU story has so many components that it is difficult to describe how I define my experiences. There are just so many opportunities to get involved at YU and in the New York area.

From an academic standpoint, YU provided me with everything I could ask for. I decided to double major in psychology and studio art―two diverse areas I am equally passionate about. After college, I plan to pursue a doctorate in clinical psychology and one day work in mental health services.

I like being involved in a lot of endeavors inside and outside of YU. I enjoy being able to work part-time in an intensive outpatient psychiatric clinic, where I run a weekly art therapy program. Within Stern College for Women, I participate in the START science club, where I teach STEM modules to New York public elementary students. Last semester we dissected a frog with 5th graders!

Judaic studies are also, not surprisingly, very strong at YU, but what people may not realize is how multifaceted the program is. There are opportunities for women to study Jewishly on all levels. The dual curriculum isn’t just about text study or Jewish history, but about exploring who you are as a Jew. I am currently learning with a student through the Mechina Chevruta program, which pairs students with more Judaic studies experience with those who did not attend yeshiva before college. Together, we are working on a new prayer book called “Praying with Fire.”

When it comes to the benefits of a YU education, I could go on and on. The environment here is so positive, I really never considered attending college anywhere else.