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We hope everyone stays healthy and safe!


Welcome to the Yeshiva University Counseling Center

Counseling Center


Why We're Here

The Counseling Center is here to consult with you on a confidential basis, free of charge. Our staff of qualified and caring professionals provide a calm and objective listening ear, and can help you address any issues or concerns.

Who We See

Graduate and undergraduate students actively enrolled at Yeshiva University Manhattan campuses

Why Come to Us

Just a few of the reasons students come in are:

• Anxiety
• Relationship concerns
• Depression
• Anger management
• Family problems
• Death or illness of a loved one
• Self esteem issues
• Academic or career crises
• Body image concerns
• Drug/Alcohol problems
• Feeling overwhelmed
• Identity/Sexuality questions
• LGBTQ+ related issues

Getting Started

Call us, email, or drop by to make an appointment. If you are not sure which site to call, don't worry. The receptionists at either site will refer you to the correct location.
Wilf Campus: (646) 592-4200
Beren Campus: (646) 592-4210
Cardozo Law School: (646) 592-4210

We're Here When You Need Us

We understand that sometimes problems can't wait. If you need help NOW, call or stop by during our open hours and we will meet with you as soon as possible. For emergencies, contact security (see contact information at the bottom of this page). Security officers will reach a member of the counseling center.


Many students are concerned about the privacy of their visits to the counseling center. Visits to the counseling center are confidential. The content of sessions is not discussed with anyone and Counseling Center records do not become part of a student’s university record. With rare exception, which your counselor will discuss with you, records can be released with your written permission.

How Do I Know It's Time To Call?

Everyone experiences ups and downs, but there are times when it can become difficult to resolve problems independently. Counseling can be very helpful when these moments arise. Some cues that it may be time to contact the counseling center are:

• Feelings that are becoming overwhelming or unmanageable
• Intrusive thoughts that you cannot shake
• Difficulty sleeping and/or eating
• Feeling that relationships are troubled
• Just not feeling like yourself and worried that things may not resolve on their own
• Feeling the need to disclose upsetting or confusing events
• Feeling the need to voice pent-up thoughts and emotions
• Difficulty focusing on schoolwork

Can I Have Counseling Even If I Am Not In A Crisis Right Now?

Absolutely! Counseling can be beneficial even if you do not have anything out of the ordinary going on. It can help you gain insight into yourself and your life, and help you function better overall.


Our Counseling Center Locations:

Israel Henry Beren Campus Counseling Center 
215 Lexington Ave, suite 1303
(between E32nd & E33rd streets)
(646) 592-4210

Wilf Campus Counseling Center
500 West 185th Street
Furst Hall, Suite 520
(646) 592-4200

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law Counseling Center
215 Lexington Ave, suite 1303
(between E32nd & E33rd streets)
(646) 592-4210

In case of an after-hours emergency, call campus security, dial 911, or call Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance Corps at
(212) 230-1000

Beren Campus Security: (212) 340-7709
Wilf Campus Security: (212) 960-5200
Cardozo Campus Security: (212) 790-0303