Ilan's Story


I came to Yeshiva University because I wanted a solid education without limits. I didn’t want to worry about my religious observance and I knew there were so many opportunities for me at YU.

Marketing combines my business and creative sides. The coursework is project-based and collaborative, which suits my talents. Right now, as part of an entrepreneurial course project, I’m developing an app-based, long-distance ride share program for college students. “Campus Connect” is still in development, but it’s a great example of the type of real-world projects YU students undertake.

Leadership development at YU is everywhere, thanks to the support and encouragement from the college. For example, in the first semester of my junior year, I started the Marketing Society with some fellow majors. We saw a need and YU staff helped us bring the idea to fruition. Now we host two networking and career preparation events per semester.

I am also involved with MacsLive broadcasting, which covers YU basketball games and sports life. Outside of school, I’m interning at a commercial real estate firm ⎯ an internship I found through the YU career fair.

YU was the right choice for me. I’ve learned so much, and I’ve had so much fun at the same time. I really can’t imagine a better option.