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Undergraduate Honors Applicants


Students may apply to the S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program at Stern College for Women, the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program at Yeshiva College, or the Business Honors and Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at Sy Syms School of Business either directly from high school or while engaged in post-high-school study in Israel. Honors students participate in advanced-level courses, engage in unique extra-curricular activities, complete an intensive senior thesis/project, and are eligible for a generous scholarship towards tuition.

Students who decline their offer of admission to attend another university, will forfeit their seat as well as the scholarship and will not be reconsidered for any merit based award at a later date.

(Click here for information on the Yeshiva Masmidim Honors Program for advanced Torah studies.)

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Deadlines 2023-2024

Applicant Type Deadline Decision Notification
Early Decision Honors November 1 December 15
Regular Decision Honors December 21 February 13
Israel Honors Applicants December 21 February 13

Offers of admission are contingent on a student submitting an Intent to Enroll Form by the May 1st deadline.  Enrollment in another university will be considered a forfeiture of Honors admission and scholarship.


Successful Honors applicants demonstrate strong academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, leadership experience, and advanced written and oral presentation skills.

The current Honors cohort averages:

  • GPA of 94
  • SAT score of 1460
  • ACT score of 32

For Early Decision Honors, the latest SAT and  ACT accepted will be the October tests.
For Regular Decision Honors, the latest SAT and ACT accepted will be the December tests. 

How to Apply

Honors applicants are reviewed in a two-stage process. 

Stage 1: Honors Application

Students must submit the following items by the application deadline:

  1. Completed Application
    Applicants can begin by creating an online application account. This will give them access to their personal application portal where they will be able to submit their admissions application. Once the application has been submitted, the supplemental application requirements will populate based on the applicant’s admission type. The applicant will be prompted to upload their essay, short answers and a list of their extracurricular activities or resume. The applicant will also be able to provide the names and contact information of recommenders, who will receive a link to their e-mail to upload their letters of recommendation directly into the application system. The applicant’s high school transcripts must be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by their high school administration.  The applicant’s ACT/SAT official score report must be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by the testing service. Applicants can always check their application status or the status of their items by logging into their portal.
  2. $65 Nonrefundable Application Fee
    Payment can be processed in the personal application portal.
  3. Essay Prompts
    Applicants must respond to one of the following prompt in 750-1000 words. Essay should be uploaded to the applicant’s application portal in either PDF or Word format.
    Essay Option 1: You just completed your 1000-page autobiography, please submit page 613.
    Essay Option 2: Discuss a challenge to one of your core beliefs and how you responded.
  4. Short Answer Essay
    Pick one of the three words below and write a short essay on it that gives us insight into your character. (150 WORDS).  Essay should be uploaded to the applicant’s application portal in either PDF or Word format.
  5. Short Answer Questions (25 words or less).
    Pick 4. Try to be as specific, creative, personal and original as possible.   Responses should be uploaded to the applicant’s application portal in either PDF or Word format.
    1. My approach to managing rejection is...
    2. I feel most responsible when...
    3. I discovered my own resilience when...
    4. The greatest chessed I ever did was...
    5. People say I am honest because...
    6. ___________ brings me joy.
  6. Resume/Extracurricular Activity List 
    Please upload a resume or extracurricular activity list that details your extracurricular involvement, internships and work experience at school and in your community.  
  7. Official SAT or ACT Scores
    Official scores must be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by the testing service (i.e., College Board, ACT). Yeshiva University does not require the writing section on the SAT or ACT.

    • Yeshiva University's SAT school code is 2990
    • Yeshiva University's ACT school code is 2992
  8. Official High School Transcript
    High school transcripts must be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by the high school administration (e.g., college guidance counselor, principal).
  9. Two Letters of Recommendation 
    Please identify two teachers who can comment on your academic ability as well as your potential, personality, creativity and leadership qualities to help the Honors Program Selection Committee understand why you are truly outstanding.

    Your personal application portal will allow you to send an email to the people you have selected. 

Students who have successfully passed college-level courses

Effective Fall 2021, undergraduate students who have successfully passed college-level courses while enrolled in high school may be eligible to have these credits applied toward their undergraduate program.

  • Evaluation of these courses will be based on official college transcripts received by Yeshiva University during the student’s admissions process. (Unofficial transcripts, HS transcripts noting college credit or official transcripts provided after the start of the student’s first semester will not be considered.)
  • The course(s) must be documented in the issuing college/university’s academic catalog. 


  • A maximum of nine (9) credits may count as general electives or towards an equivalent course to students entering any of Yeshiva University’s Bachelor’s degree programs faculty.
  • A maximum of six (6) credits may count as general electives or towards an equivalent course to students pursuing an Associate’s degree in the Katz School of Science and Health.
  • The course(s) would be considered as transfer credits and subject to all applicable Yeshiva University policies pertaining to the application of transfer credit.
  • Only courses with earned grades of B- or better will be considered.
  • Students must provide course syllabi for each course for which they are requesting transfer credit.
  • Grades would not be calculated as a part of the student’s cumulative institutional grade point average unless they are courses delivered by Yeshiva University.
  • These courses would not count towards any Yeshiva University residency requirements.
  • This policy is effective immediately for students beginning at Yeshiva University during the fall 2021 semester and will be re-evaluated on an annual basis.

Student Responsibilities:

  • Provide official transcripts from each institution issuing credit during admissions process.
  • Provide course syllabi for each course for which they are requesting credit.

AP Scores

Yeshiva University also grants advanced standing credit for students achieving certain scores on the AP exam. AP scores are only posted upon a student's first semester taking classes on campus (not in Israel). Students requesting AP scores to be applied towards their degree should do the following:

  • Request an official AP score report be sent to Yeshiva University - institution code 2990.
  • Send a request to your respective campus registrar's office requesting the scores to be evaluated

Stage 2: Honors Day

A select group of candidates will be invited to participate in an Honors Day. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Honors Programs and includes a 45 minute interview with a faculty member and/or admissions officer. Applicants who are not invited to an Honors Day will be considered for general (non-honors) admission.

Early Decision

Students may apply to any of the three Honors Program as early decision candidates if they are currently enrolled in high school. Early decision candidates who are awarded an Early Decision Honors Award are considered to have made a binding commitment to Yeshiva University and are expected to withdraw all applications to other universities, start no further applications, and enroll at Yeshiva University in the fall or following their Torah studies in Israel.

Learn More About the Honors Programs

For more information regarding the Honors Programs' curricula and obligations, please refer to the individual program webpages:

Transferring Between Honors Programs

Students are accepted specifically to the Honors program for which they applied. Students may apply to transfer between Honors programs on the same campus by submitting a formal request to the deans of both programs. All transfer requests are subject to review and approval by the deans of the Honors programs.

Financial Aid

In addition to academic scholarships, need-based scholarships are also available. Yeshiva University is committed to creating a financial aid package that will make this extraordinary education a reality. To learn more about financing your education or the financial aid application process, please visit or contact the Office of Student Finance directly at 646-592-6250 or

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