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Students may apply to the S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program at Stern College for Women, the Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program at Yeshiva College, or the Business Honors and Entrepreneurial Leadership Program at Sy Syms School of Business either directly from high school or while engaged in post-high-school study in Israel. Honors students participate in advanced-level courses, engage in unique extra-curricular activities, complete an intensive senior thesis/project, and are eligible for a generous scholarship towards tuition.

(For information on the Yeshiva Masmidim Honors Program for advanced Torah studies, please click HERE).


Applicant Type Deadline Decision Notification
Early Decision Honors November 10 December 15
Regular Decision Honors January 20 March 15
Israel Honors Applicants December 15 March 15

Offers of admission are contingent on a student submitting an Intent to Enroll Form by the May 1st deadline.  Enrollment in another university will be considered a forfeiture of Honors admission and scholarship.


Successful Honors applicants demonstrate strong academic achievement, extracurricular involvement, leadership experience, and advanced written and oral presentation skills.

The current Honors cohort averages:

  • GPA of 94
  • SAT score of 1460
  • ACT score of 32

For Early Decision Honors, the latest SAT and  ACT accepted will be the October tests.
For Regular Decision Honors, the latest SAT and ACT accepted will be the December tests. 

How to Apply:

Honors applicants are reviewed in a two-stage process. 

Stage 1: Honors Application

Students must submit the following items by the application deadline:

  • Completed Application:
    • Please begin by creating an account in our online application.  This will give you access to your personal portal where you will be able to submit your application and supplemental items, and check your application status.  
  • $65 Application Fee
    • Payment can be processed in the personal application portal.
  • Essay
    • Applicants must respond to the following prompt in 750-1000 words.  Responses should be uploaded to the applicant’s application portal in either PDF or Word format.
      • Describe a time in your life when you had to decide between taking a risk and playing it safe. What choice did you make? What was the outcome of your choice? Would you have made the same decision looking back on the experience, or would you make a different decision?
  • Short Answers
    • Applicants must respond to the following three short answer questions (150 WORDS each). Responses should be uploaded to the applicant’s application portal in either PDF or Word format.
      1. What is one human achievement or innovation you would like to see in your lifetime?
      2. When meeting someone for the first time, what do you want them to know about you but generally do not tell them?
      3. Tell us something you are passionate about, and can you share a video which demonstrates this best? 
  • Resume/Extracurricular Activity List  
    • Please upload a resume or extracurricular activity list that details your extracurricular involvement, internships and work experience at school and in your community.
  • Official SAT or ACT Scores
    • Official scores must be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by the testing service (i.e., College Board, ACT). Yeshiva University does not require the writing section on the SAT or ACT.
      • Yeshiva University's SAT school code is 2990                      
      • Yeshiva University's ACT school code is 2992
    • As a result of the challenges students face in fulfilling the requirement of submitting standardized test scores due to COVID-19, Yeshiva University will adopt a one year test optional policy for 2021 high school graduates applying to the university. This will be true for both general admission and Honors applicants.
  • Official High School Transcript
    • High school transcripts must be sent directly to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions by the high school administration (e.g., college guidance counselor, principal).
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
    • Please identify two teachers who can comment on your academic ability as well as your potential, personality, creativity and leadership qualities to help the Honors Program Selection Committee understand why you are truly outstanding.
    • Your personal application portal will allow you to send an email to the people you have selected.
  • Support from Administration and Evaluation Rubric
    •  Please identify a school administrator, such as a Principal, Head of School, Assistant Principal or a member of the College Guidance counseling staff, who can comment on your candidacy to the Honors Program.
    •  Your personal application portal will allow you to send an email to the person you have selected.  
Stage 2: Honors Day

A select group of candidates will be invited to participate in an Honors Day. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the Honors Programs and includes a 45 minute interview with a faculty member and/or admissions officer.  Applicants who are not invited to an Honors Day will be considered for general (non-honors) admission. 

Early Decision:

Students may apply to any of the three Honors Program as early decision candidates. Early decision candidates who are awarded an Early Decision Honors Award are considered to have made a binding commitment to Yeshiva University and are expected to withdraw all applications to other universities, start no further applications, and enroll at Yeshiva University in the fall or following their Torah studies in Israel.

Scholarship Reconsideration:

Students studying in Israel who have been previously admitted to the Honors Program and awarded an academic scholarship may request a scholarship reconsideration by the Honors Committee in light of recent accomplishments. For interested students, please call the Israel office at 054-277-2850. 

Learn More about the Honors Programs:

For more information regarding the Honors Programs' curricula and obligations, please refer to the individual program webpages:

Transferring Between Honors Programs:

Students are accepted specifically to the Honors program for which they applied. Students may apply to transfer between Honors programs on the same campus by submitting a formal request to the deans of both programs. All transfer requests are subject to review and approval by the deans of the Honors programs.

Financial Aid:

In addition to academic scholarships, need-based scholarships are also available.  Yeshiva University is committed to creating a financial aid package that will make this extraordinary education a reality.  To learn more about financing your education or the financial aid application process, please visit www.yu.edu/osf or contact the Office of Student Finance directly at 212.960.5399 or studentaid@yu.edu.

Contact Us:

If you have any questions about the Honors application process, please contact Miriam Jacobson at Miriam.Jacobson@yu.edu.