Red Sarachek Basketball Tournament 2023

Thursday, March 23 - Monday, March 27, 2023

A highlight of the YU year, the annual Red Sarachek tournament is the country's most prestigious tournament for Jewish high school basketball teams. Each year, hundreds of student-athletes and their fans from schools across the United States and Canada gather at Yeshiva University for four days of top-level competition and community-wide celebration.

In addition to being an exciting event, the tournament is a great opportunity to visit and learn about YU. 


Valley Torah High School wins Championship

Red Sarachek Basketball Tournament 2023 PROGRAM

Seeding for Red Sarachek Basketball Tournament 2023

  1. Shalhevet High School (Los Angeles, CA)
  2. Valley Torah High School (Los Angeles, CA)
  3. Northshore Hebrew Academy High School (Great Neck, NY)
  4. The Frisch School (Paramus, NJ)
  5. SAR High School (Riverdale, NY)
  6. YULA High School (Los Angeles, CA)
  7. Ida Crown Jewish Academy (Skokie, IL)
  8. Magen David Yeshivah High School (Brooklyn, NY)
  9. Davis Renov Stahler Yeshiva High School (Cedarhurst, NY)
  10. Katz Yeshiva High School (Boca Raton, FL)
  11. Maimonides (Boston, MA)
  12. Yeshivat Mekor Chaim (Baltimore, MD)
  13. Berman Hebrew Academy (Rockville, MD)
  14. Fuchs Mizrachi School (Beachwood, OH)
  15. Torah Academy of Bergen County (Teaneck, NJ)
  16. Yeshiva University High School for Boys, MTA (New York, NY)
  17. Hebrew Academy of Miami RASG (Miami Beach, FL)
  18.  Mesivta High School of Greater Philadelphia (Bala Cynwyd, PA)
  19. JEC High School (Elizabeth, NJ)
  20. Kohelet Yeshiva High School (Merion Station, PA)
  21. Bnei Akiva Or Chaim (Toronto, CA)
  22. Fasman Yeshiva High School (Chicago, IL)
  23. Farber Hebrew Day School (Southfield, MI)
  24. Cooper Yeshiva High School for Boys (Memphis, TN)

Thursday's Scores

Northshore Hebrew Academy defeated Fuchs Mizrachi 55-43

Katz Yeshiva HS defeated Ida Crown Jewish Academy 60-43

Magen David defeated DRS 54-36

YULA defeated Maimonides 49-38

Frisch defeated Berman Hebrew Academy 54-40

Shalhevet defeated YUHSB (MTA) 48-36

SAR defeated Yeshivat Mekor Chaim 66-56

Valley Torah defeated TABC 56-39


Friday's Scores

Ida Crown defeated Farber 63-33

SAR defeated Frisch 31-20

YULA defeated Northshore Hebrew Academy 47-46

Shalhevet defeated Magen David 59-55

Valley Torah defeated Katz Yeshiva HS 74-53

Fasman Yeshiva HS defeated. Maimonides 64-54

Berman defeated Kohelet 71-59

Mekor Chaim defeated Or Chaim 50-36

TABC defeated Mesivta of Philadelphia 70-43

Hebrew Academy of Miami (RASG) defeated YUHSB (MTA) 55-47

Fuchs Mizrachi defeated JEC 57-43

DRS defeated Cooper Yeshiva High School for Boys 57-34


Saturday Night's Scores

DRS defeated Hebrew Academy of Miami (RASG)71-65

Berman defeated Mekor Chaim 60-38

TABC defeated Ida Crown 51-49

Fuchs Mizrachi defeated Fasman 57-39

YUHSB (MTA) defeats Cooper Yeshiva HS 35-28

Kohelet defeated Or Chaim 60-54

Mesivta of Philadelphia defeated Farber 78-47

JEC defeats Maimonides 49-40 


Sunday's Scores

Hebrew Academy of Miami (RASG) defeated Mekor Chaim 53-33

Ida Crown defeated Fasman 53-38 

Kohelet defeated YUHSB (MTA) 62-58

JEC defeated Mesivta of Philadelphia 66-57

Valley Torah defeated YULA 34-26

SAR defeated Shalhevet 57-55 

DRS defeated Berman 47-39

Fuchs Mizrachi defeated TABC 52-31

Or Chaim defeated Cooper Yeshiva HS 54-45

Maimonides defeated Farber 61-37

Katz Yeshiva HS defeated North Shore 60-57

Frisch defeated Magen David 64-61


Monday March 27th at YU:

Mesivta of Philadelphia defeated YUHSB(MTA) 64-45

Berman defeated TABC 73-59

JEC defeated Kohelet 52-42

Fuchs Mizrachi defeated DRS 53-39

Valley Torah defeated SAR 56-48


Monday March 27th TABC GYM ONE:

Magen David defeated North Shore 61-56

Frisch defeated Katz Yeshiva HS 62-55

YULA defeated Shalhevet 61-55


Monday March 27th TABC GYM TWO:

Fasman defeated Mekor Chaim 53-50

Ida Crown defeated Hebrew Academy of Miami (RASG) 60-51

Farber defeated Or Chaim 43-41

Maimonides defeated Cooper Yeshiva 51-44