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Kosher dining and fitness centers on every campus. Guest lecturers such as Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and Tommy Hilfiger. Student-run councils and clubs. Men’s and women’s sports teams. Whether you’re looking for a peaceful corner of the library to study or a jam-packed cafeteria to hang out with friends, you’ll find it here, at Yeshiva University.

Pictured Below:

Top - Students enjoy dinner in Rockefeller Park before departing on a digital Scavenger Hunt through Tribeca, Orientation Fall 2018.

Bottom - Go Maccabees!

Midwest Coast to Coast Mission
Macs Basketball Player

Our 15 NCAA teams need you: on the field and in the stands!

Shabbat Schedule Parshat Noach (October 12-13)

Beren Campus Shabbat Schedule

Wilf Campus Shabbat Schedule


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    *Note: Due to the way the calendar falls this year, events may be requested for dates no earlier than Thursday, October 11.

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