Yeshiva University Undergraduate 2020 ‐ 2021 Tuition and Fees

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Direct Cost ‐ Tuition and Fees

Tuition $43,575
Undergraduate Fees $2,900
TOTAL $46,475

Fall 2020 Adjusted Residence Hall Fees

Due to the truncation of our time on-campus this fall, housing rates have been prorated and are as follows:

Undergraduate Men Residence Hall Fees
• Morgenstern Hall: $2860
• Muss Hall: $2085
• Rubin Hall: $2860

Undergraduate Women Residence Hall Fees
• 35th Street Residence: $3700
• 36th Street Residence: $2860
• Brookdale Residence (all room types): $2860
• Independent Housing (both 30 Park and 251 Lex): $2860
• Schottenstein Residence: $2860

Fall 2020 Adjusted Meal Plans

All students living on campus will be required to enroll in one of two meal plans.
These meal plans consist exclusively of Dining Dollars that can be used in on campus eateries:
1. Standard: valued at $1425, will provide 9-10 meals per week
2. Reduced: valued at $950, will provide 6-7 meals per week

For more information about the YU Meal Plan click here

Spring 2021 Housing and Meal Plans

Undergraduate Men Residence Hall Fees

Muss 2 Beds                    $3,375

Rubin 3 Beds                    $4,000

Rubin 2 Beds                    $4,625

Morgenstern 2 Beds         $4,625

Muss 1 Bed                      $4,625

Morg/ Rubin Single Bed   $6,000

Undergraduate Women Residence Hall Fees

36th Street                        $4,625

Schottenstein                    $4,625

251 Lexington                    $4,625

Brookdale                          $4,625

Brookdale Deluxe              $4,875

30 Park Ave                       $4,875

35th Street                         $6,000


Meal Plans

On‐Campus Resident Standard Meal Plan     $1750
On‐Campus Resident Reduced Meal Plan     $1500

Non-Campus Resident Meal Plan      $450


Tuition Per Credit $1,550

Health Insurance annual cost $4,629

For information about Yeshiva University's health insurance requirements and eligibility or to submit a waiver, please refer to the Wellness Health Center. All students who are required to have health insurance through Yeshiva University are charged automatically each fall and spring semester.

Summer 2020

Direct Cost                                         Sessions Start and End Date
Summer Session 1                                          6/01/20 ‐ 7/02/20
Summer Session 2                                          7/06/20 ‐ 8/07/20
10 Week Course                                              6/01/20 ‐ 8/07/20

Tuition – Per Credit (lab fees apply) $564
Registration Fee                        $100
University Fee                           $110
Internship Fee                      $225

Lab Fees: *Fees are subject to change 

PHY 1031L Intro to Physics I Lab - $40
PHY 1032L Intro to Physics II Lab - $40
BIO 1011L Principles Lab - $110


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Payment Options

Payment must be made in full prior to start of the summer sessions
Pay online by credit card or electronic check at
Financial aid is not available for summer courses.

Suspended until further notice
In person at the Office of Student Finance
- Beren Campus: 215 Lexington Ave, 6th Floor
- Wilf Campus: Furst Hall, 1st floor

Summer Tuition Refund Schedule

Before the end of the first day of class:           100% of tuition 
During the first week of class:                            75% of tuition
During the second week of class:                      50% of tuition
After the second week of class:                             No Refund

Once you register for classes, you assume a financial responsibility. If you choose not to attend, you
must drop your courses before the first day of class. Failure to do so automatically entails a financial
obligation on your part.