Jeffrey's Story

Jeffrey Owen playing basketball

Jeffrey Owen
Junior, Class of 2021
Major: Strategy & Entrepreneurship Minor: Finance
Seattle, Washington


Life in New York City moves pretty fast. There’s a lot going on, and days have certain energy I hadn’t experienced before. I’m originally from Seattle and the west coast is definitely more relaxed.

When I came to YU, I knew I wanted to participate fully in campus life. I’m a resident advisor, I’m active with the Sephardic Committee and I’ve just started volunteering with the Red Cross club. And of course, there’s YU Basketball.

Playing for the Macs has been incredible. There’s a great atmosphere and energy at the games. Being on the team has opened me up to meeting so many people, and forming relationships I would never have otherwise had. School spirit here is real and the games are so much fun. YU students love to support each other.

Academically, YU professors share an intensity for learning. When a teacher is passionate about his subject, it comes through. Some of my favorite classes have included Professor Mark Finkel for “Start Up Strategy” and Professor Yitzhak Rosenthal’s “Intro to Information Systems.” I loved how Prof. Finkel ran his class like an open forum, keeping the students heavily involved. Prof. Rosenthal was able to lay out complicated ideas in a clear and concise way. My shiur rebbe, Rabbi Meir Goldwicht, is such a happy person, it just rubs off on you!

To high school juniors and seniors applying to college, I’d like to remind you how amazing it is to be exposed to the entire Jewish religious spectrum here. You never have to worry about missing classes for the Chaggim, explaining your schedule to professors or making up tests. Between the wide variety of Jewish classes and the rebbeim, being involved in YU’s Jewish environment is great!