Talia Kupferman

Talia's Story

Hometown:  Riverdale, NY
Senior, Biology


I chose YU because of the small class size and academic reputation, but I don’t think I fully realized how good of a fit it was for me until I became a student here. At Yeshiva University, you get an experience like no other. Secular studies and preparation in your field is balanced equally with Judaic studies. It’s the perfect transition from yeshiva high school or an Israel program.

When I started as a potential biology major, I met with the Biology Department Chair Dr. Harvey Babich. Dr. Babich went through a list of courses I would need for a career in Genetic Counseling, and then he gave me a list of every single Stern College graduate who went into the field. This list led to my shadowing experience two summers ago at Hackensack Medical Center in the Genetics Department.

I’ve really enjoyed taking Genetics with Dr. Babich. He has been a constant guiding light for me, checking in on me to see how I’m doing in classes and in meeting the requirements for my chosen field.  I am now a Genetics Peer Tutor. The Peer Tutor program is a great resource at YU. Students who have excelled in a course are hired to tutor other students who could use a little extra help in the same subject.

My favorite class however, was Women in the Bible with Professor Smadar Rosensweig. I’ve taken two of her courses and now I’m auditing a third. Outside of class, I have participated in Model UN, which was amazing and just the most fun experience. I am also president of the Genetics Club and a volunteer for JScreen. Over the past two years, we’ve screened more than 600 people for common Jewish genetic diseases.

There are so many fun opportunities at YU. It’s Manhattan! Last year I won the Spirit Week talent competition for my rendition of “As if We Never Said Goodbye” from Sunset Boulevard. I also got to know a new group of friends when we became roommates in the dorm. We hadn’t known one another well before, but it was such a good match. It was so nice coming back after class each day knowing I was living with such fun, relaxing and inspiring people. Now we travel together!