Sarah's Story


My YU story is just beginning. I transferred to Yeshiva University because I wanted to take advantage of all the opportunities YU and New York City have to offer. Also, I knew Stern College for Women had a strong reputation for preparing students for a career in medicine, which is my long-term goal. I’m still in my second semester, but I am loving it!

YU has such a tight-knit and welcoming community. The students and staff are warm and supportive. It is wonderful to go to a university where the students are highly motivated but not competitive against one another.

In addition to my science classes and three Jewish studies courses, I am able to volunteer at the Hassenfeld Children’s Hospital. I’ve been working at children’s hospitals since I was in 10th grade, and it brings me joy to continue that while at YU. Also, I am on the Rubin Museum of Art’s College Committee, where college students organize educational events at the museum, which specialize in Himalayan and Asian artifacts.

One of the great things about attending YU is the ability to balance your coursework with unique extracurricular activities. Living in an urban environment, being so close to friends, volunteering with organizations whose mission I believe in, all while preparing for the career of my dreams ― this is what I wanted from my college experience.