Sarah's Story


Hi! I’m Sarah Torgueman, and I’m from the Syrian Sephardic community in Brooklyn.

One of the reasons I chose YU was that I wanted to experience the City. Though I live at home, I love that I am able to attend college in Manhattan. Shabbat on campus is both fun and inspirational. Many friends have invited me to stay with them, and YU brings in speakers whose shiurim and drashot add an additional layer of meaning to my week.

Through the Sephardic Club, I’ve gotten to know students from many other Sephardi backgrounds. I’ve also had the opportunity to learn about the diverse Ashkenazi communities and traditions.

A sophomore, I’m studying Business at Sy Syms and plan to major in Business Intelligence Market Analytics, or BIMA, for short. The major is a fusion between business intelligence (data sets, quantitative analysis) and marketing, bringing together the statistical and the creative aspects of marketing and product development.

I am proud to be involved in TAMID at YU, a serious business club on campus. TAMID educates students about Israeli business principles, and then students work directly with specific Israeli companies (both from the US and as part of an 8-week summer fellowship). It is truly incredible to collaborate with such brilliant business minded students at YU and gain exposure to complex company decisions within the Israeli business ecosystem.

I’ve had amazing internships in NY, as well. Last spring I interned at a publicly-traded specialty food distribution company. I created a database of other food companies and conducted market research. This past summer, I worked at a wholesale jewelry firm as a merchandising and marketing assistant. There I had the opportunity to help create product lines for some of the big department stores.

Right now I’m weighing my options regarding which industry I want to go into. It’s great that at YU I’m able explore various disciplines within the business sector.  I am narrowing down where my skills will fit best and finding the right path for myself.