The value of your undergraduate experience at Yeshiva University is enhanced through an array of opportunities for graduate school pathways, dual degrees, and undergraduate partnerships, listed below. Pathways streamline the graduate school application and admissions processes. Dual degrees enable students to begin the graduate training while completing their undergraduate studies. Undergraduate partnerships serve to enhance the variety of your course of study. 

These exciting options, which will be updated as further opportunities are created, have been crafted to both further your education in the field of your choice, as well as to enhance your positioning for professional success. To discuss any of these options further, you are encouraged to make an appointment with an Academic Advisor.


Through partnerships with these top universities, the application and admissions process for graduate studies are streamlined.



STEM Masters' Programs in Israel

  • Top students admitted into these programs are eligible for the Innovation Nation Scholarship. Details on the scholarship and graduate opportunities can be found at
  • Bar Ilan University master’s in Computer Science
  • Bar Ilan University master’s in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Data Science and Information Technology
  • The Hebrew University master’s in Computer Science
  • The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology master’s in Biology

Medical School in Israel

YU students planning on graduating from YU with a BA or BS degree who have completed the following prerequisite courses and have a minimum Science GPA of 3.2 are guaranteed to receive an interview at Ben Gurion University of the Negev Medical School for International Health and Medicine prior to having their MCAT scores:

  • One year each of biology and one year of physics (or one year of biology, one semester of physics and one semester of math, preferably calculus or statistics);
  • Two years of chemistry (with labs), including one year of organic chemistry or biochemistry.

YU students who wish to apply to MSIH with a GPA below 3.2 in the sciences may do so, but will have to wait until MCAT scores are received before being reviewed for potential interview;

Final acceptance is subject to the approval of the MSIH admissions committee.

For more information:

MSIH: Limor Aharonson-Daniel,
YC Pre-Med Advisor: Lolita Woodhill
Stern College Pre-Med Advisor: Brenda Loewy

Katz School of Yeshiva University

To find information on pathway options for the degrees listed below, visit

Dual Degrees

Students can begin these YU graduate programs while completing their undergraduate studies.

Additional graduate school programs and articulation agreements include:

Business Administration: B.A./M.B.A.
Yeshiva University and Bar Ilan University agree to admit qualified students simultaneously to a YU undergraduate program and a new M.B.A. program at Bar Ilan.  The 13-month M.B.A. program will be taught in English at Bar Ilan in Israel.  Once admitted to the program, students will have to maintain at least a B average.

Optometry: BA/OD
Yeshiva University and State University of New York State College of Optometry offer an affiliation program to qualified students through which they can receive an undergraduate degree and a Doctor of Optometry degree in seven years. Students accepted into this program attend Yeshiva University for three years while they complete college requirements and prerequisites for the College of Optometry. After the first year at SUNY College of Optometry, students receive the BA degree. The OD degree is awarded after completing the four years at SUNY College of Optometry.

Physical Therapy: BA/DPT (NYMC) (Articulation Agreement)
The Early Acceptance Program with New York Medical College Graduate School of Health Sciences allows qualified students to receive provisional acceptance to the 3-year D.P.T. Program after their Junior year. Final acceptance is granted upon satisfactory completion of their senior year at SCW.

Physical Therapy: BA/DPT (Rutgers)
Yeshiva University offers a combined program in Physical Therapy with the State University of New Jersey (Rutgers). During the first three years at Yeshiva University, students complete college requirements and prerequisites for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program.  Students are awarded the B.A. after completing the first year at the professional school, and the D.P.T. at the completion of the 3-year program.

Physician Assistant: BA/MPS
Yeshiva University offers a combined program in physician assistant studies with Mercy College. During the first three years, students complete college requirements and prerequisites for Mercy Colleges MPS program. After completing 111 credits with a minimum GPA of 3.0, and with at least a B in prerequisite courses, qualified students continue at Mercy College. After the first year at Mercy College, students receive the BA degree from Yeshiva University. The MPS degree is awarded after completing two years and three months at Mercy.

Podiatry: BA/DPM
Yeshiva University and New York College of Podiatric Medicine (NYCPM) offer a combined program in podiatry. During the first three years, students recommended to the program complete college requirements and prerequisites for the NY College of Podiatric Medicine. After the first year at NYCPM, Yeshiva University awards the BA. NYCPM awards the DPM upon completion of the program.

Teaching Math & Science: BA/MA
Yeshiva University and NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development offer an accelerated option for a master’s degree in mathematics and science education. During the junior and/or senior year students may take up to 14 credits at NYU Steinhardt, which will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Students pay NYU directly for these credits. Yeshiva University awards students the BA degree after completion of all BA requirements, and NYU awards an MA degree upon completion of the graduate program.

Nursing - B.A./B.S.N./M.S.N.
New York University (NYUCN) Stern College offers a combined program in nursing with New York University’s College of Nursing (NYUCN).  In this program students complete a Shaped Major as well as General and adjusted Jewish Studies requirements at Stern College. Students complete this work during 7 semesters and must earn a minimum of 119 credits. Credits remaining to complete the BA degree are counted back from the nursing school. Eligible students may then be admitted to a 15 month accelerated program at NYUCN which begins in January. Students receive the BA degree after successfully completing one semester at NYUCN. They are awarded the BSN at the successful completion of the nursing school and have the option of continuing on for a master’s degree.

Occupational Therapy - B.A./M.S.
Stern College offers a combined program in Occupational Therapy with Columbia University.  During the first three years at SCW, students complete college requirements and prerequisites for Columbia’s OT program.  They apply to the 2-year Columbia program during the fall semester of their junior year.  Students are awarded the B.A. from Stern College after the first year at Columbia, and the M.S. upon completion of the program.

Undergraduate Partnerships

Yeshiva University offers two combined programs with Columbia University and one with Tel Aviv University.

In agreement between Yeshiva University (YU) and Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.), YU will pay F.I.T., within limits, for coursework taken by Beren Campus students that have been approved as part of a required course of study. 

Nutrition (Articulation Agreement)
YU students may enroll at NYU as non-degree undergraduate students in courses in nutrition and dietetics in their junior or senior year. Students pay NYU directly for these credits. These courses satisfy some of the prerequisite courses required for many clinical nutrition programs throughout the country including the NYU Master of Science degree program in Nutrition and Dietetics.