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Learning Success Center

Beren Campus

(Formerly known as the Office of Academic Support)

Our goal is to empower undergraduate Sy Syms and Stern College students to become independent, self-aware, confident lifelong learners. In our office, you can meet with a learning specialist, participate in study skills workshops and get new ideas for effective, practical strategies to enhance your academic performance.

Whether you need help to enhance your academic skills, guidance concerning career options or just someone to talk to about questions you may have, the University provides you with a variety of services to support you in your academic, personal and professional development.

As a Stern College student, you should always feel free to make use of these services. The centers and offices listed below are here to help you. 

Learning Success Center

Beth Hait
Beth Hait, EdD
Director of Learning Success Center

From your first registration through graduation, the Learning Success Center provides a supportive environment to help you define and meet your academic goals. Our dedicated advisors are available to meet with you and guide you as you advance through your college career. The Learning Success center staff connects you with resources on campus and beyond that can facilitate important life decisions. 

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Career Center

The Career Center is here to work with you from the moment you enroll at YU to the day you graduate. Whether it's helping you to choose a major, develop career goals, secure a great internship, land a job upon graduation and much more, we are here for you every step of the way.  Read more about what the Career Center can do for you.

Beren Writing Center

The Beren Writing Center staff believes that every student has the capacity to hone and develop her own thinking and writing skills. Our role is to guide and nurture that process. In the words of one student, "I was very overwhelmed by my paper and ideas. The session gave me the ability to take the next step in organizing my paper, developing it and bringing it to the next level."

Learn more about the Beren Writing Center and how we can help you or Make an appointment.

Peer Tutoring Center

The Peer Tutoring Center provides one-to-one tutoring as a service to the students of Stern College to help them achieve their academic goals. Tutors are encouraged to empower students to comprehend material independently. Subjects offered include Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Genetics, Mathematics/Calculus, Physics, Statistics, and more!

Information for Students - Peer Tutoring

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Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is here to consult with you on a confidential basis, free of charge. Our staff of qualified and caring professionals provide a calm and objective listening ear, and can help you address any issues of concern.

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