Dr. Terry Dilorenzo

The psychology major at Stern College for Women is designed to give students in-depth knowledge of the field and its applications.

The department offers a wide variety of courses in clinical, biological, experimental, developmental and social psychology, as well as advanced courses and seminars in specialized areas.

Pre-psychology advisement is available for students at all points in their undergraduate major to assist with course sequencing, obtaining research or clinical internships and applying to graduate school. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in the Psychology Club and to qualify for Psi Chi, the psychology honor society.

A psychology major can lead to graduate or career opportunities not only in psychology itself, but also in such related fields as occupational therapy other health services, education and social work.

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Mission Statement

The core requirements of the psychology major are designed to provide a broad foundation across the spectrum of subject areas in psychology. Additional required courses selected from Learning, Psychobiology, and Emotion (Group 1) and Abnormal Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Tests and Measurements (Group 2) provide greater depth in the two major subdivisions of psychology. Students select from a range of elective courses to gain greater expertise in areas that will best prepare them for graduate school programs in psychology or related career options, for example, the health related fields of Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy, or Medical School. A common thread among the various courses is an emphasis on the scientific foundation and empirical basis of psychological principles and their application to understanding the individual, her development, and her behavior in a social context. Writing skills are highlighted in much of the coursework, and students are encouraged to expand their learning outside of the classroom by participating in research and/or clinical experiences with, or sponsored by psychology faculty.

Program Student Learning Goals

  • Psychology majors will be able to demonstrate knowledge of the basic content and central concepts in the major areas of psychology
  • Psychology majors will be able to demonstrate knowledge of research methodology and its application to the science of psychology.

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