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About Stern College

About Us

Many things make Stern College for Women unique: Our tradition of Torah Umadda, reflecting a commitment to timeless values and cutting-edge scholarship; our nurturing campus life, empowering each student to claim her own voice and forge her own path; and our enviable record of success, with alumnae going on to top graduate programs and outstanding careers. The college, founded in 1954 and endowed by the late Max Stern, provides academic majors in 19 arts and sciences disciplines, all leading to the Bachelor of Art degree. In 2009, we began offering an MA in biblical and Talmudic interpretation (our Graduate Program of Advanced Talmudic Studies, known as GPATS). This degree program provides advanced students with an opportunity to study in a full-day traditional beit midrash [study hall] environment

We take pride in the richness of our curriculum, with excellence in the arts, humanities and social sciences, and are especially well known for educating women in the sciences and mathematics.

Academic Integrity

Dear Stern College Students:

Academic integrity is at the core of all intellectual pursuits. We outline here the university-wide policy on academic integrity.It provides a clear definition of what is considered cheating and plagiarism and sets forth penalties for those who do not live up to these standards in class assignments and exams. As you will find in reading this statement of policy, the penalties for violating academic integrity standards are severe. For your part, you are responsible for knowing and abiding by the detailed policy outlined below. As dean of Stern College, I am responsible for enforcing these guidelines. I look forward to working with you to ensure that Stern College is a model of academic integrity for the larger Jewish and academic communities.

Karen Bacon
The Mordechai D. Katz and Dr. Monique C. Katz Dean
Undergraduate Faculty of Arts and Sciences
Yeshiva University

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