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YU/Albert Einstein College of Medicine Scholars Program

Einstein building

Introducing a new partnership

Yeshiva University Honors Programs and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine enthusiastically announce a new partnership that provides a select number of exceptional high school seniors early assurance to an honors undergraduate education and medical school training. High school senior applicants should have a demonstrable interest in medicine and be certain that medicine is the lifetime career they want to pursue. Successful candidates will be encouraged to explore a wide range of Yeshiva liberal arts and sciences majors in order to acquire a broad-based education that can be applied to the study of modern medical science

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The 2024 application is closed.  The 2025 application will be available in July.

To be eligible for the program, applicants must:

  • Students must be in their senior year of high school 
  • Earn an SAT score of 1460 or better, or a 32 or better on the ACT
  • Secure a 94 or better grade point average in high school
  • Apply for admission to Yeshiva College’s or Stern College for Women’s Honors Programs
  • If an applicant previously applied and was not accepted by the MSP program, they are ineligible to apply again.
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In order to support students in this highly competitive program, all students will receive a $25,000 annual scholarship towards their undergraduate study while at Yeshiva University. Additionally, financial aid is also available for those students who demonstrate further financial need.

Application Process

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Interested applicants to the program must apply for freshman honors admission (early decision or regular honors) and self-identify their interest in the Yeshiva University/Albert Einstein College of Medicine Scholars program (MSP) on the application. In addition to the traditional application requirements, including submission of supplemental documents and an interview, additional supplemental questions will require a response (see below). These supporting materials will be reviewed by both Yeshiva University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine's Admissions Offices.

Applicants will need to gain admission first as a Yeshiva University honors student and then be invited for an interview with the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Those selected for an interview will meet the following criteria:

  • Outstanding academic performance in high school
  • Medically related experiences
  • Research experience, if available
  • Community service
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Compelling essay

Not all applicants will be granted interviews. Only those applicants deemed competitive will be invited for an interview.

Supplemental Questions

In addition to the admissions requirements for honors applicants, MSP applicants will be asked to respond to the following supplemental questions:

  1. Many students who declare themselves "pre-med" at the undergraduate level eventually select a different career path during college. What is your motivation to choose a career in medicine? What makes you confident in that career choice now?
  2. Describe your activities that have influenced your decision to pursue medicine.
  3. Describe why you are interested in Einstein. How would attending Albert Einstein College of Medicine meet your interests, goals, and aspirations?
  4. Please tell us anything about yourself that you would like us to know. optional

Responses will be entered on a supplemental form upon application submission.

Program Requirements

Upon acceptance into the MSP program, students will need to maintain a 3.75 cumulative GPA during their studies at Yeshiva University. Additionally, a 3.75 GPA must be maintained in 32 minimum credits on campus in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics. Students are not eligible to receive transfer credits for these subjects.

Throughout their study while at YU, students are expected to continue to gain medically-related experiences and participate in research either at YU, Einstein, or elsewhere. Periodic meetings with the pre-medical advisor will also be mandatory to discuss progress in terms of medically-related activities and preparation for medical school.

MSP students are able to study in Israel during the year following their high school graduation, however, they are expected to begin their studies in New York one year after graduating high school. For example, if a student is graduating in June 2023, they are expected to begin studies in New York during the Fall 2024 semester.

Yeshiva College/Stern College for Women academic program includes a ‘dual program’ in which students are required to study courses in Judaic Studies in addition to the science and general studies requirements.

Medical School Admission

Einstein entrance

Although students are granted early assurance admission to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, they nonetheless must complete an application process for formal admission to the Medical College. 

The MCAT must be taken prior to October preceding the year of matriculation. Successful applicants are expected to receive a score of 515 or better. In addition, during their junior year of study at YU, MSP students must submit an AMCAS application specifying Albert Einstein College of Medicine and identify themselves as an Early Assurance applicant. (This will waive the application fee). Finally, the Einstein Secondary Application must be submitted, along with all supporting items.

Important Contact Information

In addition to your admissions counselor, both Yeshiva College and Stern College for Women have pre-medical advisors who can answer questions and assist you along your journey to achieving medical school admission.


For inquiries regarding MSP
 Richard Weiss

Stern College for Women
Dr. Brenda Loewy
Director, Pre-health Advisement Center

Yeshiva College
James Camara
Director of Pre-Health Advisement

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