Political Science


Dr. Joseph Luders

Liberty, equality, democracy, power and justice: as an academic discipline, political science is committed to the rigorous investigation of these fundamental aspects of the human experience.

Although politics pervades our daily lives, few stop to delve beneath the headlines of the day to discern the deeper patterns that are evident. The stakes in politics are high, and therefore political science at Stern College for Women furnishes students with the essential tools for critical analysis. These abilities and the knowledge that students acquire not only enable them to be more thoughtful and engaged citizens, but open up career opportunities in the public and private sectors including law, teaching, journalism, business, research, advocacy, consulting, public service and education.

Political science at Stern College is divided into four major subfields: American politics, comparative politics, international relations and political theory. Each is dedicated to placing current issues and debates into their broader political and historical context. In addition, the major provides students with the flexibility to incorporate relevant interdisciplinary studies in economics, history and sociology.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Political Science is for undergraduates majoring in political science to be prepared and to be qualified to pursue advanced studies in political science, law, and public policy and/or to pursue employment in various government, law-related fields, and the private sector.  These milestones will be achieved by providing courses covering a spectrum of sub-disciplines with political science, so as to provide majors in political science with a comprehensive background in the fundamentals of political science, current disciplinary controversies, and an understanding of political institutions and processes, current issues both US and international, and developing proficiencies in written and oral communication.

Program Student Learning Goals

  • Political science majors will be able to understand the main principles of the subfield of American politics.
  • Political science majors will develop skills in critical reasoning and analysis. 
  • Political science majors will be able to understand the main principles of the subfield of international relations. 
  • Political science majors will be able to develop global awareness.

For further information, please contact Dr. Joseph Luders, luders@yu.edu .