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Don't miss the SCW Biology Department: COVID-19 WEBINAR SERIES

Join the students and faculty of the SCW Biology Department for this an engaging series with weekly prominent guest speakers on different topics related to COVID-19. Online attendance is open to all majors and faculty.

TOPICS WILL INCLUDE: Health Ramifications of COVID-19, Monoclonal Antibodies Research, Vaccine Development, Societal Impact of COVID-19, and MORE!

COVID-19 Webinar Series

"What Everyone Must Know about COVID-19"
FEATURING: Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt-Infectious Disease Specialist
ZOOM ID: 979 3825 2726

Session #2: Thursday July 23rd at 7:00PM
Dr. Jill Horowitz - researcher from Rockefeller
"COVID Therapy and Protection with Monoclonal Antibodies from Recovered Patients"
Zoom ID: 914 3060 6008

Session #3: Tuesday July 28th at 7:00PM
Dr. Andrew Elnatan - Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs at the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)
"Vaccine development at pandemic speed, can you trust your government to regulate and approve a safe vaccine? A perspective from someone working on one of the vaccine programs."
Zoom ID: 955 0312 4440  

Session #4: Wednesday August 5th at 7:30 PM
Dr. Terry DiLorenzo (Chair of Psychology Department) and Dr. James Kahn (Chair of Economics Department)
"Public Health, Psychological and Economic Ramifications of COVID-19"
Zoom ID: 956 3462 9335

Session #5: Monday August 10 at 7:00PM
Rabbi Dr. Edward Reichman - Professor of Emergency Medicine and Professor of Education and Bioethics at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine
"'Precedented" Times: The Rabbinic Response to Pandemics in the Past."
Zoom ID: 927 1962 7024

For more information contact:
or anlandau@mail.yu.edu

The Stern College 2020 Virtual Awards Assembly was held on Sunday, May 17, 2020. We enjoyed recognizing our outstanding Stern College students and faculty! Click here for the complete list of honorees.
If you would like to watch the event, please visit SCW 2020 Virtual Awards Assembly.

The Fall 2020 Schedule of Classes and registration information is now available at the Office of the Registrar site. Be sure to check the schedule site regularly for updates.


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