Dr. Jill Katz

Sociology focuses on group behaviors, social institutions and public issues.

As presented at Stern College for Women, the discipline combines the scientific and humanistic perspectives in its investigation of urban and rural life, family patterns and relationships, religion, culture, intergroup relations, social class and prestige, criminology and deviance, mass media and communication and social problems.

Mission Statement

The Sociology Department at Stern College strives to provide students with rigorous and intellectually grounded understandings of the social and cultural world. At its core, the sociological mission is rooted in social and cultural (including anthropological) theory and the scientific method. Sociology majors and other students taking our courses are given opportunities to develop theoretical and analytical skills to evaluate and conduct social research and analysis. The Department is committed to using these tools to understand and address social problems and inequalities in global, institutional, cultural, and interpersonal social relations. Students are also encouraged to explore their own position in and relationship to society and culture. The Department is dedicated to building sociological knowledge and skills that are applicable to a broad range of settings including the public and private sectors, and especially, in the pursuit of advanced academic and professional degrees. Our hope is that graduates will be well equipped to be engaged citizens in an increasingly knowledge-intensive and diverse world.

Program Student Learning Goals

  1. Majors in sociology will be able to demonstrate conceptual and theoretical skills to sociological/anthropological topics and questions.
  2. Majors in sociology will be able to apply methodological skills to sociological/anthropological topics and questions.
  3. Majors in sociology will be able to critically analyze sociological/anthropological topics and questions.
  4. Majors in sociology will be able to communicate effectively sociological/anthropological topics and questions.

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