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Welcome from the Executive Director of Pre-Health Advisement

Welcome to Yeshiva College! The Pre-health Office looks forward to helping you prepare for an exciting and challenging career in the health professions. Over the past seven years (2010-2016) we have successfully assisted 290 pre-health students (210 medical and 80 dental). During the same time period, 71 students were admitted from YC to Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In 2016 we had an acceptance rate of 90% to medical school (19 acceptances for 21 applicants) and an average acceptance rate of 94% to dental school (17 acceptances for 18 applicants)! The national average is 45%.

To begin this process, you should visit our office as soon as you arrive on campus. Together we will create a polished and professional profile that will represent you well as you apply for training programs in medicine, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, or veterinary medicine.

The Pre-Health Office is located in Room 107A on the first floor of Furst Hall. My assistant and I are available via email as well. We also have a listserv (beaudrea@yu.edu) which you should join. It will provide you with the most up-to-date information about events, volunteer opportunities, and extracurricular activities that would be of interest to your educational and professional goals.

Your dual curriculum is a challenging one! As a result, you will find yourself well-prepared for a rigorous course of study in your chosen field of study. Working together we can help you prepare a schedule each semester that will be competitive yet realistic.

The Pre-health office is here to help you reach your goals. Make use of all that YC has to offer and gain the skills and confidence you need to move forward successfully.

Office of Pre-Health Advisement

Wilf Campus, Furst Hall
500 West 185th Street, Room 107A
New York, NY 10033

Monday--Thursday, 2:00 - 5:00 PM
Friday, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

You can make an appointment with the Pre-Health Advisor by using the online appointment calendar. Be sure to select Pre-Professional Advising from the pull down menu.

Lolita Wood Hill

Lolita Wood-Hill
Executive Director, Pre-Professional Advisement
Phone: 646.592.4428

Debbie Beaudreau

Debbie Beaudreau
Pre-professional Advisement Coordinator

Profile of a Successful Pre-Med Student

What do you need to be a successful premed student? You don't need a perfect straight A record, but you need to be prepared! Don't wait for your junior year to review these documents. The earlier, the better.

Science Grades below "A-" for Students Admitted to
US Medical Schools over the Past Four Years

Successful Matriculated Medical Student Profile  YC%20profileREV1.pdf

New Biochemistry Major

Yeshiva College is now offering a major in Biochemistry beginning in Fall 2017. This major is approved by NYSED, and has been successfully offered at SCW for the past 10 years.  A total of 60-61 credits are needed to complete this major. We feel it will be a valuable alternative for our pre-med and pre-dental students interested in gaining expertise in this inter-disciplinary field. The requirements are located online at Biochemistry Major Form.

English Equivalency Letters

ENGLISH EQUIVALENCY LETTER - For students (who have graduated post Spring 2017) applying to graduate program which require verification that Writing Intensive designated courses are English-based composition courses.

English Equivalency Letter--English Equivalency Letter (for students who graduated prior to Spring 2017)  For students applying to graduate programs which require verification that First Year Seminar (FYS) and First Year Seminar Honors (FYSH) courses are English-based composition courses.

Intensive General Chemistry Laboratory (CHE1047L)

The General Chemistry course sequence at Yeshiva College is comprised of General Chemistry I (CHE1045R) and General Chemistry II (CHE1046R) lectures as well as our Intensive General Chemistry Laboratory (CHE1047L). The General Chemistry lectures are standard courses comparable to those at any other institution. Our General Chemistry Laboratory is slightly different than those at other institutions. We require/offer only a single semester of an intensive laboratory for the General Chemistry course sequence. Standard labs at other institutions include about 3 hours of experimentation per week whereas our intensive labs require 4 hours of experimentation per week. This extra hour allows us perform more complex experiments that teach students multiple skills at once, thus allowing us to cover all the essential content of a two-semester sequence in a single semester course.

Organic Chemistry (Chem. 1213 and 1214)

Similarly, our organic chemistry lab suffices for both Organic I and II lectures (Chem. 1213 and 1214).  Each of these labs are two credits and students are in class for four hours each week.

In The News

YU’s Graduates Boast 93 Percent Acceptance Rate to Medical, Dental and Law Schools, The Jewish Link, May 5, 2017.