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Pre-Health Advisement


You can make an appointment with the Pre-Health Advisor by using the button below. Be sure to select L. Wood-Hill Pre-Professional Advising from the pull down menu.

Welcome to Yeshiva College! The Pre-health Office looks forward to helping you prepare for an exciting and challenging career in the health professions. Over the past seven years (2013-2019) we have successfully assisted 296 pre-health students (200 medical and 95 dental.) During the same period, 55 students were admitted from YC to Albert Einstein College of Medicine. In 2019, we had an acceptance rate of 91% to medical school (29 acceptances for 32 applicants) and an acceptance rate of 90% to dental schools (9 acceptances for 10 applicants!)

To begin this process, you should visit our office as soon as you arrive on campus. Together we will create a polished and professional profile that will represent you well. You should know that there is a world beyond medicine and dentistry! While our acceptance rate to those programs are consistently double the national average (45%), over the past few years YU pre-health students have been accepted to programs for nursing, podiatry, optometry, physician's assistant and veterinary medicine. Take time to explore all the opportunities available to you. More information is available on the Allied Health Careers page to learn about salary ranges, professional associations and other important information. We also have many joint programs with local schools as well, so visit the Applying to Medical and Dental School for a full list. I'm happy to provide the complete picture as you make your plans.

Your dual curriculum is a challenging one! As a result, you will find yourself well-prepared for a rigorous course of study in your chose field. Working together we can help you prepare a schedule each semester that will be competitive yet realistic. The Pre-Health Office is here to help you reach your goals. Make use of all that YC has to offer and gain the skills and confidence you need to move forward successfully.


Contact Us

You can make an appointment with the Pre-Health Advisor by using the online appointment calendar. Be sure to select "L. Wood-Hill, Pre-Professional Advising" from the pull-down menu.

Lolita Wood-Hill

Lolita Wood-Hill
Executive Director, Pre-Professional Advisement
Phone: 646.592.4428






Debbie Beaudreau

Debbie Beaudreau
Pre-professional Advisement Coordinator


Visit Us

Office of Pre-Health Advisement
Wilf Campus, Furst Hall
500 West 185th Street, Room 107A
New York, NY 10033

Office Hours:
Monday--Thursday, 2:00 - 5:00 PM
Friday, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM*

*For Friday hours, please email

Visit Us

Yeshiva University has developed several joint programs with colleges in the New York area when students can continue their training. Students interested in any of these programs should speak with the Pre-Professional Advisor for more details. A complete list is available on the Applying to Medical or Dental School page.

Be sure to join the YU Pre-Health Listserve to stay current on all events, opportunities, and other important information. To join the listserve, email

Looking For Ways to Stay Engaged During the COVID-19 Crisis?

Pre-Health Advisors from across the country have compiled these tips and opportunities to help you make the most of your time during this very trying pandemic. View Resources During the Pandemic to learn more.

2021-2022 Pre-Health Peer Mentors

Pre-Health Peer Mentors are upperclassmen completing the application process who were specially chosen by the Pre-Health Advisor to assist underclassmen on a variety of issues, including course selection, MCAT and DAT prep, extracurricular activities and other topics. They are a valuable resource, so please feel free to contact them at the emails listed below.

Pre-Medical Mentors

Pre-Dental Mentors


Please note that these numbers apply to the tri-state region and California. Programs in the south or mid-west might be slightly lower, but all students should visit each school's individual site for their exact requirements.

Your application to any health profession school depends on many factors. The two quantitative factors are your science grades and your test scores. But there are many, many other considerations that schools look at when they assess your potential candidacy. For instance, schools look at how many science course you take in a semester and how difficult the other courses in your schedule are. So, the student with a 4.0 with only one science class every semester and carries only 13 credits a semester is not as strong as the student with a 3.6 with two or more sciences every semester and 16-17 credits each term. Schools are looking for hard-working, honest, tenacious students who have a prove track record of success in their sciences. Success can mean a B+ in orgo with lab and 17 credits that semester. Success can also be two B's in first year biology and chemistry and A grads in orgo and advanced biology courses. Not taking big science courses in the summer also gets noticed.

The average BCMP (science) GPA for allopathic medical schools in the northeast has historically been 3.7 for accepted students. For osteopathic schools in the northeast, the average BCMP has been 3.5 for accepted students. Students who are willing to attend medical schools in Israel would want to maintain a 3.5 GPA.

The average BCP GPA for dental schools is 3.3 or higher. (Dental schools do not include math as part of their science GPA.)

The average for other health professions range from 3.2 to 4.0.

But these are statistics for without test scores or resumes! There are many students who fall short of this average science GPA who still go on to successful careers in health care. Your extracurricular activities, your leadership skills, and your ability or manage a heavy course load will be important factors in the admissions process. Showing improvement as your courses get harder, working while in school, having a great research experience--these are activities that will get noticed!

Bottom line: doing well is about more than grades. for more information, please contact our office. We are happy to help.

GPA Calculator:  To calculate your GPA, use this link available on the YU Registrar's Office site.

Research is an important part of your medical school application (and a plus for dental applications.) Finding the right opportunity takes time, so refer to this PP presentation to help with your search. Special thanks to YU Career Center for creating it.

After the GPA and test scores, health programs are most concerned with an applicant's maturity, ability to deal with others, short, their professionalism. All students in the pre-health track should review these articles and videos.

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