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Office of Academic Support

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should visit the Office of Academic Support?  

Any student interested in improving his study skills and academic performance is welcome and encouraged to visit the office.   

Where is the Office of Academic Support located? 

The OAS is located at 500 West 185th Street, Furst Hall 412.

What is a learning specialist? 

A learning specialist is not a subject specific tutor. A learning specialist helps you develop the reading, writing and study skills necessary for academic success.    

What should I expect at my first appointment? 

Expect to be welcomed by a supportive staff member. This person will assess your current learning skills and help you design a personalized study plan that uses your individual strengths. Please bring your course syllabi and a planner/calendar to discuss your current time management strategies.   

May I drop by or do I need an appointment?

 You are encouraged to schedule an appointment. Drop in hours are available. Please check the Web site for more information.