engineer working on blueprint in office


In today’s world, engineers should expect to contribute more than mere technical competence. They are expected to be alert to the implications of their work and cognizant of the changing priorities of society as well as its timeless values.

Engineers must also be concerned about the effects of science and technology on the environment and quality of life, and be prepared to apply their knowledge of applied science to an ever-changing array of emerging technologies.

Undergraduate Major:

Students interested in an engineering career have the option of majoring in pre-engineering or choosing from a variety of related majors including chemistry, computer science, mathematics and physics.
The pre-engineering major, in connection with an undergraduate engineering degree and minor, additions is also considered excellent preparation for graduate or professional study in fields such as applied mathematics, applied physics, law, medicine, and math/science education.

Joint Programs with Columbia University:

The University offers combined programs with Columbia University.

Under the BA/BS plan, a student who attends Yeshiva University and fulfills all requirements for graduation aside from the total number of credits can apply to Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science as a junior. If accepted by Columbia University, the student attends Columbia University for two additional years and, upon successful completion of the program, Yeshiva University confers the Bachelor of Arts degree and Columbia University confers the Bachelor of Science degree.  If the student were not accepted to Columbia University Engineering, he can finish a Pre-engineering degree at Yeshiva University.  This degree allows the student to enter the job market or pursue and MS in engineering.

Under the BA/MS plan, any student who graduates from Yeshiva College with an appropriate major will be automatically considered for admission to the master’s program in engineering at Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science despite not having earned a B.S.

For more information about the Pre-Engineering Department at Yeshiva College, please contact Professor Ed Berliner at or 212-960-540 ext. 333.