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Creative Writing Minor

Through writing we develop as thinkers—critical, analytic, and synthetic—as we actively absorb, engage, question, and participate in the world. Crafting and making our own choices about language, we become increasingly alert to how words both succeed and fail in work, politics, relationships and society. We learn that words are prismatic, reflect multiple meanings and experiences, not only our own but also those of others radically unlike us. And we discover ourselves by trying to put introspection as well as reflection into words.    

As students of words, we learn about a vast range of human possibilities, and we valorize a vast range of human experiences. In doing so we align, compare, and contrast ourselves with countless others who have inscribed human life in language through the centuries.

The Writing Minor at Yeshiva College recognizes that proficiency in writing will prove advantageous for any major, for any career, and for the career change most educated people make from time to time. The minor will help any student express himself in the present and prepare for any future, whether in graduate or professional school, as a professional writer, or during almost any other type of work. 

Learning Goals

The goals of the Creative Writing Minor are to enable each student who successfully completes it to:

  • Develop into an effective, confident creative and/or expository writer, reviser, and editor;
  • Develop a substantial repertoire of strategies for invention, writing, and revision;
  • Apply interpretive skills to writing so that "reading" and "writing" will reinforce one another 
  • Develop one or more voices and a sense of authorship;
  • Write for various audiences in various genres (e.g., fiction, poetry, playwriting, screenwriting, creative nonfiction);
  • Practice and appreciate writing as art, craft, rhetoric, and as application of ideas about writing; and
  • Enhance his enjoyment of writing. 

Program Information

The English Department offers a wide range of advanced writing courses in the Writing Minor, such as:

  • Introduction to Creative Writing 
  • Writing Fiction 
  • Writing Poetry    
  • Playwriting
  • Writing the Essay 
  • Writing Creative Nonfiction 
  • Screenwriting
  • Reading/Writing Poetry
  • Digital Writing/Multimodal Composing  
  • Digital Journalism
  • Digital Poetry
  • Learning and Teaching Writing 

Required courses

Total Credits: 15

  • Five Creative Writing courses (ENG 1300–1899)

Note:  FYWR 1020/H is a prerequisite for ENG Creative Writing courses and does not count towards the minor.

The following list includes faculty who teach at the Beren (B) and/or Wilf (W) campus.

  • Barbara Blatner
    Lecturer in English (W)
  • Deb Brown
    Adjunct Instructor in English (B) 
  • Lauren Fitzgerald
    Professor of English (W) 
    Director, The Wilf Writing Center
    Co-Chair, English Department
  • Lauren Fusilier
    Adjunct Instructor in English (B)
  • Paula Geyh
    Associate Professor of English (W)
  • Avital Goldschmidt
    Adjunct Instructor in English (B)
  • Gina Grimaldi
    Clinical Assistant Professor of English (B)
    Assistant Director, The Beren Writing Center
  • Joanne Jacobson
    Professor of English (W)
  • Lynda Johnson
    Adjunct Instructor in English (B)
  • Rob Kurtz
    Adjunct Instructor in English (B)
  • Joy Ladin
    David & Ruth Gottesman Professor of English (B) 
    Director, The Beren Writing Center
  • David Lavinsky
    Associate Professor of English (W)
  • William Lee
    Associate Professor of English (W)
  • Rachel Mesch
    Associate Professor of French (W)
  • Tova Messer
    Adjunct Instructor in English (B)
  • Matthew Miller
    Associate Professor of English (B)
  • Erik Mintz
    Adjunct Instructor in English (B)
  • Nora Nachumi
    Associate Professor of English (B)
  • Richard Nochimson
    Professor of English (W)
  • Seamus O'Malley
    Assistant Professor of English (B)
  • Ann Peters
    Associate Professor of English (B)
  • Liesl Schwabe
    Lecturer in English (W)
    Director, YC Writing Program
  • Michael Shelichach
    Adjunct Instructor in English (B)
  • Linda Shires
    David and Ruth Gottesman Professor of English (B) 
    Co-Chair, Department of English
    Coordinator of Humanities
  • Norma Silbermintz
    Adjunct Instructor in English (W)
  • Elizabeth Stewart
    Associate Professor of English (W)
  • Fred Sugarman
    Adjunct Instructor in English (W)
    Associate Dean of Yeshiva College
  • Cynthia Wachtell
    Research Associate Professor of American Studies (B) 
    Director, S. Daniel Abraham Honors Program
  • Manfred Weidhorn
    Professor of English, Emeritus (W) 
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