Joint Israel Program

The S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program enables students to study in Israel while officially remaining a YU student. There are many benefits to being on this program, including access to federal and New York State financial aid programs and flexible monthly payment plans.

What Is the Cost?

Each institution in the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program establishes its own tuition and fees. Yeshiva University collects that amount on behalf of the institution. Yeshiva University begins sending invoices to students in June each year. The institution in Israel will collect a deposit directly along with other miscellaneous fees such as those for medical insurance and tourism. These fees will not be reflected on Yeshiva University invoice. The Israel institutional will detail the total tuition and fees you are expected to pay.

In addition to the tuition and fees established by the Israel institution, Yeshiva University charges a $750 Program Participation Fee. A deposit of $250 is due with the student enrollment paper work and the remaining $500 will be billed with tuition.

Tuition Payment Summary

To the Israeli institution

  • The Israeli institution's initial deposit
  • Other fees as determined by the Israel institution (if any). Please consult the Israel institution.

To Yeshiva University

  • The Israeli institution's tuition
  • Yeshiva University's Program Participation Fee of $750
  • To make payment arrangements for the Israel Program, please go to or call the Office of Student Accounts at 212-960-5269.
What Aid Is Available?

Students who participate in the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program may receive federal and state aid if they are eligible. They apply in the same manner as do students on campus in New York City at Students should apply for financial aid for the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program after January 1st of the year the student will attend the Israel Program. New York State residents will receive a TAP (Tuition Assistance Program) application as a result of filing the FAFSA.

Yeshiva University institutional aid is not available for study in Israel. However, all Federal and State aid is available including Pell, Work-study and Stafford Loans as well as New York State Tuition Assistance (TAP) Grant (if eligible). It is important to apply early so the money is available for your attendance on the Israel Program. Once the processed FAFSA is received by the Office of Student Aid, a Financial Aid Award Letter will be sent to you, which will outline the Financial Aid available.

MASA application is not available through Yeshiva University. Student should consult with Israel institution.

Withdrawal Procedure and Refund Policy

Students must present withdrawals in writing to both the Israel institution and the YU office in Israel or New York. Once a student's payment has been processed by YU's Israel Program and paid to the Israel institution, the student must address all issues involving refunds directly to the Israel institution. Students should contact Israel institution for withdrawal and refund policy.

If a student changes schools in Israel after the bill has been paid, the student must arrange for the first institution to transfer all payments to the second institution.

More Information

For more information about admission to YU or the Joint Israel Program, please contact the Office of Admissions at 212-960-5277 or

For more information on the financial aid eligibility of the Israel program, please call the Office of Student Aid at 212-960-5399.