RA Helping a Student

The Office of University Housing and Residence Life is here to ensure that living on campus during your college experience is pleasant and rewarding. We will work toward your goals for success and academic achievement in a number of ways, and we will provide you with a comfortable and safe environment for study, spiritual growth, relaxation, and fun.

We want you to be an active part of our community and will work to sustain a spirit of mutual respect, cooperation and friendship. This spirit permeates each floor and building in University housing, enriching your whole college experience.

The members of the housing team will help you navigate all aspects of college life and campus living. Specifically, you can expect every member of our staff to:

  • Be friendly
  • Be a helpful resource
  • Be someone who will have answers for you or know where to get them
  • Facilitate meeting other people
  • Accept all members of the community and appreciate individual beliefs
  • Set up meetings for you to get to know residents of your floor
  • Support and assist floor members who wish to get involved in University activities
  • Post valuable information for students
  • Help resolve conflicts between roommates or floor mates and mediate between floor members who are infringing on the rights of others

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.