Yeshiva University has always taken a holistic approach when considering applicants for admission. We request and carefully review all the information, academic and social, that is submitted to us by students and their schools. Grades and standardized tests along with extra-curricular activities, community involvement and the personal interview all support our efforts to get to know each applicant and come to a decision based on the understanding that we want our students to succeed at YU. 

As a result of the challenges students face in fulfilling the requirement of submitting standardized test scores due to COVID-19, Yeshiva University will adopt a one year test optional policy for 2021 high school graduates applying to the university. This will be true for both general admission and Honors applicants. Details related to additional information or input on each applicant have been posted on the Apply page of the Admissions website. 

Our emphasis on the whole student as well as our commitment to the student’s success remains unchanged.