• Quantum chaos
  • Thermalization in isolated many-body quantum systems
  • Nonequilibrium quantum dynamics
  • Localization in quantum many-body systems
  • Excited state quantum phase transitions
  • Quantum-classical correspondence
  • Quantum control methods
  • Decoherence

Students Involved in Research

Honor theses, Kressel Fellows, and Presentations

*) Honor thesis: Chemda Wiener, "Stability of Doublons in One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Lattices with a Defect" (2020-2021)

*) Summer Research: Eliana Feifel  "Many-Body Localization and Entanglement" (2020)

*) Honor thesis: Miriam Baitner, "Stability of Doublons" (2019-2020)

*) Summer Research: Aviva Shooman, "Dynamics of Few-Body Quantum Systems" (2018)

*) Kressel fellow & Honor thesis: Jonathan Karp, "Non-equilibrium Dynamics of One-dimensional Many-body Quantum Systems" (2016-2017)

*) Honor thesis: Tamar Felman, "Dynamical and Quantum Phase Transitions with Tridiagonal Matrices" (2016-2017)

*) Honor thesis: Elisheva Elbaz, "Dynamics of Quantum Systems with Interacting Particles" (2015-2016)

 *) Honor thesis: Ayelet Friedman, "Quantum interference as the cause of stability of doublons" (2012-2013)

*) Kressel fellow & Honor thesis: Kira Joel, "Dynamics of quantum systems with many interacting particles" (2012-2013)

*) Kressel fellow & Honor thesis: Davida Kollmar, "Using entropy to detect quantum phase transitions" (2012-2013)

*) Kressel fellow & Honor thesis: Aviva Gubin, "Microscopic origins of irreversibility" (2011-2012)

*) Honor thesis: Julie Dinerman, "Manipulation of the dynamics of many-body systems via quantum control methods" (2009-2011)

*) Honor thesis: Shoshana Gilbert, "Decoherence and the measurement problem" (2009-2010)

*) Summer Research: Frieda Dukesz, "Many-Body Localization and Entanglement" (2008)

Other Students

Summer 2020: Eliana Feifel, Chemda Wiener

Spring 2020: Miriam Baitner, Eliana Feifel, Chemda Wiener, Jechiel Van Dijk

Fall 2019: Miriam Baitner, Eliana Feifel

Spring 2019: Bar Alluf, Miriam Baitner

Fall 2018: Bar Alluf

Fall 2015: Yonina Loskove and Jonathan Karp

Summer 2015: Connie Jian (Dartmouth College) and Ajesh Kumar (Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur)

Spring 2014: Rebecca Peyser

Fall 2013: Rebecca Peyser 

Summer 2013: Davida Kollmar,  Judy Alper, and high school student Elisheva Sprung 

Summer 2012: Kira Joel, Davida Kollmar and high school student Zoe Rothstein

Summer 2011: Aviva Gubin

Summer 2010: Aviva Gubin, Aviva Schiffmiller

Summer 2009: Frieda Dukesz, Rebecca Segal

Fall 2008: Robin F. Burger, Davida Cohen

Summer 2008: Frieda Dukesz, Marina Zilbergert