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About Us

There are currently over 4,000 Yeshiva University alumni living in Israel in communities throughout the country. The alumni community spans recent graduates of Stern College, Yeshiva College, Sy Syms School of Business and the Rabbi Isaac Elchanah Theological Seminary (RIETS), as well as those who have already established professional lives in Israel. Though separated from the University by an ocean, these alumni are strongly connected to YU and the YU family throughout the world.

The YU in Israel staff enjoys a dynamic and vibrant relationship with the Yeshiva University Israel Alumni Association. Working hand in hand, we provide YU alumni living in Israel with services, programs and opportunities that enable them to continue to benefit from YU’s invaluable resources and keep them engaged with Yeshiva throughout their lives.


Broadening Your Horizons

As we continue to explore ways to share the richness of YU’s Torah Umadda message with Israeli society at large, our alumni association will offer recreational and educational programs throughout the year. Alumni of all ages may enjoy YU in Israel programming such as hikes for recent grads, social gatherings for families, job networking events and shiurim with prominent YU professors and Roshei Yeshiva visiting Israel.

The first step to extending our reach is to build our alumni database. We are always adding to our list of YU alumni in Israel, to more easily communicate with them and provide support in any way we can. If you are, or know of, a YU alum living or spending an extended amount of time in Israel, please reach out to us to join our community. After all, leaving America does not mean leaving YU!

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