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Alumni Around the World

The Office of Alumni Affairs encourages all alumni to get involved in campus life. Your participation makes a difference!

Alumni Communities

Just across the river from New York, Northern NJ is one of YU's strongest alumni communities with thousands of alumni in numerous shuls, day schools and neighborhoods interacting on a daily basis.To get involved with regional programming in Northern NJ or help organize social and professional networking opportunities and explore more ways to strengthen the YU Ambassador Network, please contact Dina Burcat, director of alumni affairs, at, or contact the Regional Council—Bergen County members below using the online Alumni Directory.

Regional Council—Northern NJ

  • Emanuel Adler '76YC
  • Shalom Baum '88YC
  • Joseph Bodner '82YC
  • Daniel Brody '96YC
  • Sheldon Chanales '76YC
  • Aaron Dobrinsky '85YC
  • Heidi Fuchs
  • Amy Gibber '96S
  • Daniel Gibber '96SB
  • Esther Glass '65S
  • Leonard Glass '64YC
  • Ora Kornbluth '89S
  • Laizer Kornwasser '92S
  • Josh Kramer '01YC
  • Heidi Kuperman '94W
  • Seth Landa '82YC
  • Ezra Lightman '95SB
  • Suzy Schwartz '84S
  • Elysia Stein '04S
  • Aaron Stiefel '78YC

Long Island represents one of the largest and most vibrant YU communities in the world. We invite all YU alumni and friends to participate in the exciting variety of programs and events in our community. From local Kollel Yom Rishon shiurim, to Medical Ethics Symposiums, to YUConnects singles events and Wealth Planning seminars, there are many ways to become involved in the broad and diverse world of Yeshiva University. For more information about YU events, programs and philanthropic opportunities, please contact Julie Schreier, director, Long Island Region, at

To see what new programming is coming to Washington, DC, and its surrounding communities, visit our online alumni events calendar. Alternatively, if you would like to get involved with regional programming in the Greater DC area to help organize social and professional networking opportunities and explore more ways to strengthen the YU network, please contact Dina Burcat, associate director of alumni affairs, at or contact the Regional Council—Washington, DC, members below using the online Alumni Directory.

Regional Council—Washington, DC

  • David Cohen '95YC
  • Yossi Goldman '88YC
  • Arlene Groner '74S
  • Jack "Achi" Guggenheim '93YC
  • Tova Jaffe '92SB
  • Judah Kaplan '92SB
  • Ahava Leibtag '97S
  • Jesse Mendelson '99YC
  • Daniel Siesser '03SB
  • Andrew Stein '01YC
  • Dave Weinberg '05YC
  • Menucha Wolfe '02S

Graduates on the West Coast have an abundance of opportunities to engage with each other and reconnect with YU. To receive emails and information about programs and events, email Joey Small, YU's West Coast Regional Director, at

Regional Council—Los Angeles

  • Alex Altberg '02YC
  • Jennifer Altberg '05S
  • Evan Anziska '02YC
  • Israel Bick '59YC
  • Aryeh Goldberg '01SB
  • Mark Hecht '02YC
  • Aron Hier '85YC
  • Adena Rohatiner '06S
  • Rafi Rosenkranz '96SB
  • Lou Shapiro '02SB
  • Avi Steinlauf '93YC
  • Shuli Steinlauf '95SB
  • Shimmy Steinmetz '01SB
  • Jonathan Wernick '90SB
  • Alan Willner '82YC

Yeshiva University in Israel offers a number of programs and opportunities for alumni to stay connected to YU while in Israel. Working in conjunction with the Israel Alumni Association, YU Israel offers ongoing programs that provide shiurim with YU's Roshei Yeshiva, educational and social events for graduates of all ages, opportunities to assist YU students studying in Israel through the S. Daniel Abraham Program, and much more. Read on to find what interests you—then get involved!

YUI Alumni

The Yeshiva University Israel Alumni Association provides outreach to more than 5,000 YU graduates in Israel by sponsoring academic and social events including lectures, reunions and student mentoring. Alumni host visiting YU students and faculty, assist with recruitment, and participate in local programs.


Want to Get Involved? Become an Ambassador in Israel!

YU Israel and the Alumni Association invite you to get more involved with programs and activities for fellow graduates. Volunteer opportunities include:

  • Suggest events and programs that you would like to attend and help to organize them 
  • Coordinate a class reunion in Israel
  • Host a visiting Rosh Yeshiva or YU faculty member in your community 
  • Assist the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program by talking to students about life at YU and after graduation, or hosting students for Shabbat

Learn About Programs in Israel

We offer programs in Israel including the Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary (RIETS) Kollel in Jerusalem and Counterpoint Israel, an initiative of the Center for the Jewish Future.

Stay in Touch

Update Your Alumni Profile

Submit a Class Note to share your smachot, news and achievements with the YU community. Receive email communications from YU, YU in Israel, the Center for the Jewish Future's Torah-to-Go, and much more by updating your alumni profile. Once registered, you can look up classmates to connect. Tell us your email preferences so you get the information that interests you.

Contact Us

Gabi Sackett, YU Israel Program Director and Alumni Affairs

P: 02.531.3000 ext. 115
F: 153.2.531.3015
US Number: 917-677-2093 ext. 115

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