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Scholarship Impact

Yeshiva University students understand the importance of the scholarship assistance they receive because of donors like you. Here they express their hakarat hatov [appreciation] for the assistance they have been given.


Thank You to DonorsYeshiva University has every characteristic that is important to me when trying to grow as a Jew and expand my knowledge of the world of psychology. Your generous donation has helped me meet the expense of this amazing school. Thank you so much for your help; it honestly means the world to me.

Yeshiva College Student Majoring in Psychology

The YU slogan is “Nowhere But Here.” From my experience, I cannot imagine having gone anywhere else. Nowhere but here would my spiritual growth be taken with the same seriousness as my intellectual growth. Nowhere but here would I be encouraged and supported in every step of my professional journey, from the moment I walked into the doors until the moment I graduate. Most importantly, nowhere but here would I have made such great friendships. Once again, thank you for your generous donation which has allowed me all of these wonderful opportunities.

Stern College Student Majoring in Biology

Thank You to DonorsYU offers so much to its students. With your help, students like me can grow, not only in their path to their future professions, but grow as individuals. I am thankful for your support of YU and your vision for the students like me that will graduate from this institution.

Sy Syms School of Business Student Majoring in Accounting

Words are not fit for how truly thankful I am. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. The highest of Rambam’s eight levels of tzedaka is helping someone help himself. You are making that happen for me. You are helping me obtain an education so I will have a profession when I complete Yeshiva College. Thank you for this wonderful gift.

Yeshiva College Student Majoring in Sociology

Thank You to DonorsThanks to you, my college education is possible. Thanks to you, my future is possible. No words can adequately describe what I owe you, but you should know that my achievements through Yeshiva University have been and will continue to be because of you and your generous support.

Stern College Student Majoring in Biology

Thank you for giving me the opportunity of being a YU student, thank you for allowing me to gain a degree and becoming a young professional, and thank you for choosing to contribute to Yeshiva University, as it is the most unique combination of the values we cherish and a top quality professional education.

Sy Syms School of Business Student Majoring in Finance


Thank-A-Donor Week

Thank You WeekEach year, the Department of Donor Relations (DR) puts out a call to all students to handwrite thank-you notes to the generous supporters of Yeshiva University. From February 8 to February 11, 2016, DR set up card-writing stations at the Nagel Atrium on the Wilf Campus and the 245 Lexington Lobby at the Israel Henry Beren Campus. Students were encouraged to write multiple thank-you notes to various donors detailing their experiences at YU, their majors, their hopes for the future and how donations have personally affected them in their college experience.

Debra Schneiderman, director of stewardship and donor recognition, noted the importance of building this personal and literally hand-made connection between benefactor and scholarship recipient. “Taking the time and making the effort to reach out to the donor,” she said, “is so much more meaningful than sending off an email or a text or a tweet. Our donors appreciate the effort, and the students find an unexpected satisfaction in doing something that many of them have probably never had to do: write a letter, by hand, on paper.”

As one Stern College student put it, “I am so grateful for the opportunity that your generosity has allowed me to have. It has helped make it possible for me to remain at Yeshiva University, where I am thriving religiously and in the classroom. You have given me the chance to continue my education and to be more prepared for the future, and for that I will always be thankful.”

Please Continue Your Support

Your gift to Yeshiva University enables us to provide a superb education in both Jewish and secular studies, as well as opportunities for Jewish leadership and interaction with communities throughout the world. We would be pleased to arrange for you to visit our campuses or to introduce you to a student who has benefited from the generosity of donors like you.

For more information and to arrange an appointment, please contact us at 212.960.5376 or