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Meet the Donors

Donor Profile: Isabel and Harold Feld

The Gerald Feld Memorial Fund

Isabel and Harold Feld
Isabel and Harold Feld

When Isabel and Harold Feld were exploring ways to honor their cherished son, who died suddenly from pneumonia, they found a meaningful opportunity through Yeshiva University. 

Gerry Feld was only 19 when he succumbed to illness in 1966, his life cut short while a college sophomore. Great friends to YU, the Felds established the Gerald Feld Memorial Fund in loving memory of their son a decade after his death. The scholarship allows students to be able to attend the University, particularly needy and deserving ones who rank below the first third of the class. 

Gerry Feld
Gerry Feld

“Gerry had a lot of interests; he was so outgoing and musically gifted,” explains his sister, Stephanie Feld, who manages the trust. “Students have varied talents and many of them can be outside academics. Those should be recognized, too.” 

According to Feld, scholarships are now more important than ever, as tuition in colleges across the country have skyrocketed. “A scholarship can mean that a student can focus on his or her studies without constantly worrying how they are going to pay for them,” she says. “It can truly impact someone’s life.” 

The Felds worked tirelessly to instill a commitment to tzedaka--especially to Jewish causes--in their children. And now, their daughter is advancing both their legacy and Gerry’s memory. As she says, “It’s how I was brought up, and it’s in my heart and soul.”

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