Birkat Moshe—S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program


The educational philosophy at Birkat Moshe stresses the acquisition of the tools necessary for fundamental analysis of Tanach, Talmud and Poskim, while at the same time encouraging students to attain a wide knowledge of the Talmud itself. Emphasis is placed on independent inquiry and critical analysis.

Attitude Towards Israel and Medinat Yisrael
Avowedly Zionist. All Israeli students and faculty serve in the IDF.

Attitude Towards University Studies
Many of our foreign students attend Ivy League universities; the majority of our Israeli graduates attend Israeli universities.

Attitude Towards Extracurricular Activities
Students are encouraged to participate in chesed programs outside the Yeshiva, such as volunteering in Magen David Adom; aid to senior citizens, new olim from Ethiopia and the former U.S.S.R; aid to children from broken and deprived homes, such as”big brother” projects and assistance with studies; special project for teaching English in the general elementary school system, etc.

Preparation for Post Israel
A positive and “living-Torah” outlook takes into account the students return to home and college.

The "Successful" Student
Our successful alumnus will be a talmid chacham who makes a positive contribution to society - hopefully in Israel.

There is no formal dress code in our Yeshiva

Guidance Personnel
Ramim, Madrichim and Kollel members are available to students for discussions, advice, etc. Communication is very open and the atmosphere is conducive to interaction. Students are given different role models for them to connect with.

There is no curfew and attendance is not taken. Students sign out on leaving the Yeshiva, and sign in upon their return. Consumption of alcohol and smoking are strictly forbidden.


Includes Talmud, Tanach, Halacha, Machshevet Yisrael The focus of the daily routine is on the in-depth study of Gemara and Rishonim. In addition, Birkat Moshe also emphasizes the study of bekiut, where the goal is to increase individual student’s familiarity with many sugyot.

Courses Offered
There are also a wide variety of classes in other subjects available, with students being able to choose from topics as varied as Tanach, Hakdamot shel HaRambam, Moreh Nevuchim, Kuzari, Halacha and Midrash.

Daily Schedule

  • 6.30 A.M. Shacharit
  • 7.15 A.M. Seder Halachah
  • 7.45 A.M. Breakfast
  • 8.30 A.M. Sheur Gemara in small groups ? preparation for Seder Boker
  • 9.15 A.M. Seder Boker
  • 12.00 P.M. Sheur Gemara Beiyun
  • 13.15 P.M. Lunch
  • 3.30 P.M. Minchah
  • 3.45 P.M. Sheur Bemussar
  • 4.00 P.M. Seder Chazara
  • 5.00 P.M. Sheur Machshava / Tanach
  • 6.00 P.M. Sheur Machshava / Bekiut / Tanach
  • 7.00 P.M. Arvit
  • 7.15 P.M. Supper
  • 7.45 P.M. Seder Mussar
  • 8.00 P.M. Seder Erev
  • 23.00 P.M. Continuation of learning for those interested

Language of Instruction
All classes are conducted in Hebrew.

Ulpan or Hebrew Class
Only students who are prepared to acquire adequate fluency in Hebrew will be accepted. We do not have an ulpan program, but do provide special help to highly motivated overseas students who need language assistance.

Assessment and Grading
Transcripts with grades are provided to students from abroad who proceed to universities where they will receive credits for their Yeshiva studies.

Shana Bet
We have a formal Shana Bet program. About 70% of our overseas students participate in this program. The Yeshiva encourages students from abroad to continue for a second year by offering an attractive study program, but the decision is up to the student himself.

Joint Program
There is a joint program with Yeshiva University.


Rosh Yeshiva: Rabbi Nachum L. Rabinovitch, Rabbi Chaim Sabato, Rabbi Yitzchak Sheilat
Staff of twelve Ramim
The Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Rabinovitch, is our posek.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Interaction with Israelis
We restrict our intake of overseas students in order to encourage integration between the Israelis and the foreigners with the result that there is a great deal of visiting in the homes of Israeli students throughout the country. We do not permit student involvement in any political activities whatsoever.

Special Informal Programs
We have guest speakers, kumzitim and different events for the different chagim

Sports Facilities
Students have access to the following sports facilities: swimming pool, gym, open basketball court.

Programming for Shabbat and Yom Tov
The Yeshiva is open every Shabbat. The requirements are one Shabbat in the Yeshiva and one Shabbat out. During the Sukkot and Pessach vacations we provide full hospitality in the homes of our Israeli students for students from abroad who do not have relatives in Israel. The Yeshiva itself, (including kitchen facilities) is closed during Sukkot and Pessach.

Field Trips
The Yeshiva arranges tiyulim on the average of once a month. The goal is to learn about and appreciate Eretz Yisroel and also to get a break and come back to learning with renewed energies. In addition, we go to the kotel once a month for shacharit on Rosh Chodesh and have a festive breakfast.


Level of Learning Offered
Advanced - able to independently study a Talmudic passage

Hebrew Knowledge Required
Advanced - all shiurim are in Hebrew

Religious Observance Required
A full commitment to shimirat Toarh U’mitzvot is a pre-requisite for all students


Type of American Student
Our American students come from all over the United States. High schools that have had graduates in our program: Akiva Hebrew High School, Flatbush, Frisch, HAFTR, Hebrew Academy of Montreal, Ida Crown Jewish Academy, Magen David, Moshe Aaron Yeshiva High School, M.T.A., Or Chaim Toronto, Rambam Mesivta, Ramaz, TABC, Westchester Hebrew High School, Yeshiva High School of Atlanta, Yeshiva High School of Boca Raton, Y.U.L.A., Westchester Hebrew High School.

Overall Number of Students (Kollel, Israeli, Foreign)

Foreign Student Percentage
30 students or 10%

Number of 1st Year American Students

Number of 2nd Year American Students

Other Nationalities
We have students from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, England, France and Switzerland. The number of overseas students is restricted so as to bring about complete social and learning integration with the Israelis.

Number of Students per Class
Classes range from 5 to 50 students, depending on the nature of the subject.


Living Quarters
There are four boys in each dormitory unit that consists of two rooms and shower facilities. There are usually two Israeli students in each unit. We try to assign the rooms in accordance with the student’s preference. There is access to refrigerators and other appliances.

Availability of Private Kitchen Facilities
There is access to refrigerators and other appliances.

Facility use during Shabbat and Yom Tov
The Yeshiva is open every Shabbat, and meals are provided for the students. The Yeshiva facilities are closed during Sukkot and Pesach and alternative accommodations are provided for overseas students.

We do not have a curfew. Students sign in and sign out when leaving the Yeshiva.

Security Arrangements
We have guards on duty twenty-four hours a day, as well as an emergency response unit. In the event of a terrorist incident in Israel, we see to it that the students call their parents immediately by cell-phone from the school office, or communicate with them via e-mail or fax, from our offices.


When the fledgling settlement of Maaleh Adumim was established in l975, its founders recognized the need to provide their new community with a spiritual foundation. They turned to two young scholars, Rabbis Hayim Sabato and Yitzhak Sheilat, and asked them to establish a Yeshivat Hesder in their midst. In l977 Yeshivat Birkat Moshe was founded to meet that need. Named in memory of Blanche (Bracha) and Morris (Moshe) Gershbaum, leaders of the American Mizrachi movement, the Yeshiva began with a class of thirty-two students studying in the settlement’s makeshift synagogue and sleeping in borrowed army tents. Since then the Yeshiva has grown with a student body of 300 young men housed on a modern eight-building campus.

Accrediting Universities

Birkat Moshe is a Yeshiva University S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program School.


Tuition for 2012-2013 is $24,500- all inclusive (including health insurance).

Additional Information

A high and intensive level of scholarship distinguishes our Yeshiva ; the contributions of staff and alumni in the field of Jewish learning are widely recognized. Several of our faculty have international reputations. The Yeshiva maintains its own academic press and also publishes a student annual “Maaliyot”. The Rosh Yeshiva and faculty are very accessible.

Contact Information

Birkat Moshe
Rabbi Nachum L. Rabinovitch, Rabbi Chaim Sabato, Rabbi Yitzchak Sheilat/Rabbi Tal Cohen
Derech Mitzpeh Nevo 21
Maaleh Adumim 98410

Phone: (02) 535-3655 or (02) 535-4222
Fax: (02) 535-3947