About Us

Situated on a hillside overlooking the heart of Jerusalem, YU's Caroline and Joseph S. Gruss Institute provides support to the more than 600 students beginning their YU education in Israel as part of the S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program. YU's staff of full-time counselors serve as student liaisons and plan academic and recreational programs. Gruss contains a beautiful beit midrash that is used by YU rabbinical graduate students.

A Valuable Foundation
Study in Israel represents an opportunity to establish a connection to one's spiritual past and to build a foundational facility with Hebrew, Aramaic and the study of Gemara prior to beginning Jewish studies in New York. For students who have never been to Israel, the year represents an incredible opportunity to embrace and celebrate the culture, history and sacred landmarks of the place at the heart of their beliefs, traditions and values. Many partner yeshivot are around Jerusalem and the center region, making it easy to explore and experience the city. For almost all, this experience represents a time of discovery, growth and transformation.

Academic Credit
Israel Program students may earn up to a year of credit toward their undergraduate degree at YU for studying at one of our affiliated schools in Israel. As a result, most students returning to New York after studying in Israel enter YU as sophomores. Non-Israel Program students may apply for transfer credit should they choose to attend YU. For students enrolled in the program, credit earned in Israel appears directly on their YU transcript.

Other Program Benefits
The S. Daniel Abraham Israel Program gives students access to YU's roshei yeshiva and liberal arts and business faculty who visit Israel several times each year. It also sponsors lectures and shiurim featuring prominent rabbeim and lecturers at Yeshiva University's Gruss Institute in Jerusalem. Students may also participate in a variety of YU-sponsored programs, ranging from academic to extracurricular to chessed, all designed to enhance the Israel experience.