The mission of the West Coast Friends of Yeshiva University (WCFYU) is to support Yeshiva University’s West Coast students, alumni, friends and families; to raise the University’s profile in the major cities on the West Coast; to bring our spiritual, intellectual and creative resources to the Western Region communities—and to raise the funds needed to make all of this possible.

The Western Region of the United States is blessed with a strong, influential and flourishing Jewish community. Yeshiva University values its partnerships with communities across the United States and around the world. We are proud when alumni from our undergraduate and graduate schools practicing in the fields of medicine, law, social work, psychology, education and rabbinic studies assume leadership positions and bring the unique values of Yeshiva University to their homes and communities.

To do all this, and to continue to do it better, we need your ideas, your energy, your participation and your support.