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Jewish Studies majors (PDF) at Stern College may concentrate in Judaic Studies. Please see major sheet.

Distribution Requirements

The Jewish Studies requirement at Stern College consists of six semesters of core (three courses for a total of eight or nine lecture hours per week), plus fourteen additional Jewish Studies credits. Core generally consists of one course in Tanakh, one in Jewish Law and Rabbinic Literature (Judaic studies) and a third course selected from among Hebrew Language and Literature, Jewish History or Jewish Philosophy. Please see distribution requirements below:

Bible: 15 credit minimum
Judaic Studies: 15 credit minimum
Jewish History: 5 credit minimum
Jewish Philosophy: 5 credit minimum 

Hebrew if assigned to:

  • HEBR 1101: 5 courses 
  • HEBR 1102: 4 courses 
  • HEBR 1103-1105: 3 courses 
  • HEBR 1106-1108: 2 courses 
  • HEBR 1205 or above: 1 course 
For Participants in Joint Programs

Students pursuing Combined Programs in Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Physical Therapy, Physician Assistant and Podiatry who can meet all graduation requirements within 3 years (either one year in Israel and two years on campus, or three years on campus) are exempt from (2) semesters of CORE and must complete the J.S. credit distribution below. Those interested in Nursing and Engineering should meet with an Academic Advisor.

Bible: 12 credits
Judaic Studies: 12 credits
Jewish History: 3 credits
Jewish Philosophy: 2 credits 

Hebrew if assigned to:

  • HEBR 1101-1102: 4 courses
  • HEBR 1103-1105: 3 courses 
  • HEBR 1106-1108: 2 courses 
  • HEBR 1205 or above: 1 course