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Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies

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Revel Administration

  David Berger, Ruth & I. Lewis Gordon Professor of Jewish History and Dean


David Berger earned his PhD from Columbia University in 1970 and his semikha from RIETS in 1967.  He served as Professor of History at   Brooklyn College  of the City University of New York from 1970 to 2007, where he was Broeklundian Professor beginning in 2000. In 1980 he joined the faculty of the CUNY        Graduate Center as well.  In 2008 he became Dean of Revel, where he concentrated on strengthening the PhD Program and promoting an environment that is both welcoming and rigorous.  His academic work concentrates on medieval Jewish history, Jewish-Christian interaction, and the intellectual history of the Jews.  He is available to all students who wish to consult with him.

  Sheniagia Washington, Academic Administrator


Sheniagia Washington, who joined the Revel staff in 1999, administers the office in all its dimensions to the point where specifying particular areas of responsibility would be superfluous.  Students consult her on issues ranging from the smallest details of obtaining syllabi and registering for comprehensive examinations to the larger, sometimes complex issues that can arise with respect to leaves, graduation, and much more.  Unsolicited student testimonials to the friendliness and efficiency that they experience in her office abound, and the Dean has often remarked that he cannot imagine how he would function without her.

  Mordechai Z. Cohen, Professor of Bible and Associate Dean

Mordechai Cohen earned his PhD in Bible at Revel (1994) and his semikha from RIETS (1989). A member of the YU Bible faculty since 1988, he has taught at YC, SCW and, since 1996, at Revel. In 2008, he became Associate Dean of Revel and has worked to strengthen the sense of community among the school’s students and faculty through social and academic activities. Additionally, he seeks to bring Revel scholarship to the broader Jewish community—in public lectures and conferences. Continually devoted to undergraduate as well as graduate teaching, Dean Cohen is available to current students seeking academic guidance, and to prospective Revel students wishing to know more about the school’s programs.

  Daniel Rynhold, Associate Professor of Jewish Philosophy and Coordinator of the PhD Program


Daniel Rynhold, Associate Professor in Modern Jewish Philosophy, joined Revel in August 2007 having arrived in the US from London, England. Educated at the universities of Cambridge and London, Dr. Rynhold had previously been Professor in Judaism in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at King’s College London, a position he had held since 2001. He joined the administrative team in September 2011 as Coordinator of the PhD program in reaction to the program’s exponential expansion (by over 400% since 2007). Professor Rynhold is available to the PhD students for guidance on all aspects of the program, whether that be planning their courses, arranging their language exams, or advising more generally throughout their doctoral studies at Revel.

  Mrs. Rona Steinerman, Director of Admissions and Students Affairs


Rona Steinerman earned a BA from Brandeis University, an MBA from The Ohio State University, and an MA in Bible from Revel. While at OSU, she taught Hebrew 101 and 102.  Previously a Wall Street recruiter, she has brought her networking skills to Revel and meets with students on a regular basis to orient and guide them through their graduate program. As Director of Admissions, she is available for consultation to prospective students to advise them about the various academic programs Revel offers. In addition, Rona works with Stu Halpern and Malka Lebovic Alweis on programming Revel events, which have created a sense of community among our faculty and students.


  Dr. Stuart W. Halpern, Assistant Director of Student Programming and Community Outreach, and Revel Coordinator of the Azrieli-Revel Dual  Degree program    

Stu Halpern earned his BA from the University of Pennsylvania, his MA in Psychology in Education from Teachers College at Columbia University, an MA in Bible from Revel, and his EdD from the Azrieli Graduate School of Education and Administration. He co-edits the Mitokh Ha-Ohel book series, and is on the Steering Committee of the Orthodox Forum. At Revel, Stu plans and organizes educational initiatives both for the student body—periodic lectures, the annual Shabbaton and Year-end Student-Faculty Reception—and the broader Jewish community, including yemei iyun at The Jewish Center, Congregation Rinat Yisrael, and Congregation Ohab Zedek. Stu now also serves as the Revel Coordinator of the dual-degree program in Jewish Studies and Jewish Education that Revel has initiated with Azrieli (see under “Degrees and Programs”).

  Malka Lebovic Alweis
  Program Coordinator


Malka Lebovic Alweis (SCW 2013; Revel 2016, MA in Jewish Philosophy) is responsible for Revel’s outreach and inreach. She plans and organizes special Revel programming for the benefit of the student body, alumni, and the broader Jewish community. This includes guest lectures, PhD luncheons, as well as the annual Shabbaton and Year-end Student-Faculty Reception. Malka also manages Revel’s social media: the website, blog, Facebook page, Flickr account, and YouTube channel. In addition, Malka serves as a student liaison, fielding questions and concerns and helping new students navigate their courses and requirements.