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Ephraim Kanarfogel


E. Billi Ivry University Professor of Jewish History, Literature and Law; Chair, Rebecca Ivry Department of Jewish Studies

BA, Yeshiva University,
MA, Yeshiva University,
PhD, Yeshiva University,

Professor Ephraim Kanarfogel is the E. Billi Ivry University Professor of Jewish History, Literature and Law at Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies and at Stern College for Women. He is one of the foremost scholars of medieval Jewish history and rabbinic literature.

Rabbi Dr. Kanarfogel's interests include medieval Jewish history, history of halakhah, history of educational theory and practice, intellectual cross-currents between Ashkenaz and Sefarad, pietism and mysticism in rabbinic culture, and medieval Jewish manuscripts.

Professor Kanarfogel is a lifetime fellow of the American Academy for Jewish Research, presently serving on the executive committee as Secretary; winner of the National Jewish Book Award for Scholarship; two-time winner of the Samuel Belkin Literary Award; and three-time fellow at the Center for Advanced Jewish Studies, University of Pennsylvania. He serves as Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious international academic journal Jewish History, and has lectured at leading universities throughout North America, Europe and Israel, including Harvard, the Sorbonne, Cambridge, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Professor Kanarfogel has authored or edited nine books and published more than 100 articles and reviews. His most recent book, The Intellectual History and Rabbinic Culture of Medieval Ashkenaz, won both the Goldstein-Goren International Book Award for best book in Jewish Thought, 2010-2012, and the Jordan Schnitzer Book Prize from the Association of Jewish Studies for the best book in Biblical and Rabbinic Literature, 2010-2012. His next book is entitled, Brothers from Afar: Rabbinic Approaches to Apostasy and Reversion in Medieval Europe, and will be published by Wayne State University Press in 2020.

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