Women's Studies

Women's StudiesYeshiva University attracts women whose idea of success includes professional fulfillment, strong family and a rich spiritual life. Through Stern College for Women’s Rebecca Ivry Department of Jewish Studies, we offer our women students at Stern or Syms School of Business and the Katz School the country's largest and most diverse undergraduate Jewish studies program for women and provide valuable training in rigorous thought, exposure to research methods and opportunities for independent work.

Designed to expose students to the beauty of Torah study and the depth of Jewish tradition, the program empowers our women students to become dynamic participants in Jewish life and to pursue careers in Jewish education.

For those who are new to Hebrew language and textual study and aspire to attain a broad-based Jewish philosophical and text-based education, the Mechinah Pathways within the Rebecca Ivry Department of Jewish Studies provides a comprehensive introduction to this field.

Our graduates receive an integrated education that is the equivalent of two complete undergraduate degrees. They become dynamic participants in Jewish life and, most important, are empowered to strive for profound personal growth while leading ethical and moral lives.